Elena Rybakina’s racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

I have been getting questions about Elena Rybakina’s racquet. She is currently in the quarter-finals of the French Open 2024.

Elena Rybakina is fully sponsored by Yonex. She uses Yonex racquets, strings, apparel and shoes from the Japanese tennis brand.

Elena is a power player with a great serve who, when she plays well, can even take the racquet out of the hands of Iga Swiatek. But what is her racquet?

Rybakina’s racquet

Rybakina is endorsing a Yonex VCORE 100 painted like the Yonex VCORE 2023 racquet. According to sources, she is using an older model from around 2018 called the Yonex VCORE SV 100. The SV line is firmer and has a rawer feel than the current well-dampened VCOREs. Many pros enjoy the SV models more than the later lines. Shapovalov is using the VCORE SV 95, for example.

One way to tell the SV mold over the new one is the throat, where there are line indentations. However, the racquet head shape is also different, as the new ones have quite a pronounced shape.

There is no visible lead tape on Rybakina’s racquet, but there can well be underneath the grommets. We don’t know her exact specifications, so if you do, please get in touch.

Rybakina strings her racquets with Yonex Poly Tour Fire (red) 1.25 strung around 56 lbs.

You can find a Yonex VCORE SV 100 on for-sale forums (quite rare, though), but if you want a similar looking racquet you can check it out at Tennis Warehouse Europe and get 10% off with the code TNERD10.

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