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Jack Sock Tennis Racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

Jack Sock has made huge strides in the 2017 season and is now ranked in the top ten on the rankings. What racquet and strings does he use?

Jack Sock uses the Babolat Aero Storm VS Tour, sometimes in a Stars and Stripes paint job. The Babolat Aero Storm VS Tour is not the easiest racquet to use and can be a harsh on the arm when you hit outside the smallish sweet spot, but for the right player and game it can be a great fit.

Sock plays the Babolat Aero Storm VS Tour strung with a full bed of Luxilon Alu Power. He is said by Babolat officials to use it around 340 grams strung so quite light for a professional tennis player. I guess this explains how he gets his massively whippy forehand. He strings the Babolat Aero Storm VS Tour around 40 lbs (18 kg) which I’m sure helps his arm to stay healthy.

Sock is a versatile player with a great track record in doubles and is quite good a mixing up his shots and getting his opponent on the back foot. His mental game seems to have matured quite a bit in 2017 as well which has lead to his first masters title (in Paris) and a semi-final spot in the ATP World Tour Finals. A pretty amazing feat!

Not everyone enjoy watching Sock hit his slightly awkward-looking forehand, but it’s actually one of the best forehands in the game right now and extremely effective on most surfaces. If the motion is too complicated/long, it might tough to achieve success on fast-paced grass courts, but he should have a good chance to be on of few American players to reach solid success on clay.

When it comes to apparel and shoes Sock uses Nike Vapor Tour 9.5 shoes and Nike apparel.

What do you think of Jack Sock? How far can he go in the rankings? Please comment below!

Read more about the Babolat Aero Storm VS Tour here.


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