Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

Italian up-and-coming star Matteo Arnaldi is having a breakthrough tournament at the French Open. But what is Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet?

Arnaldi defeated Andrey Rublev in straight sets in the third round and is currently up a set against Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Italian 23-year-old has a multifaceted game, seemingly without weaknesses and backs it up with some impressive mental fortitude. How far can he go in his career? Although not perhaps possessing Alcaraz or Sinner’s Grand Slam-winning quality, he has the game to be a solid top-ten player if he keeps this up.

What is Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet?

Club players often want to play with the racquets of the top tennis professionals, but what is important to know is that they rarely play with the racquets they endorse. The use pro stock racquets based on older racquet models, often what they get used to as juniors.

In Matteo Arnaldi’s case, it is clear he is using some kind of Radical racquet, which is also the racquet he is endorsing. So, if you want to use a racquet similar to his, you should check out the HEAD Radical MP, which is a recent favorite of ours.

Member “flyhome” of the Tennis Warehouse forums, has posted that he is likely using the HEAD Graphene 360+ Radical MP 16/19 with the following unstrung specs:

Weight: 314 grams (add approx 20 grams for strings)
Balance: 30.8 cm (strings add about 1 cm balance towards the head)
Swing weight: 311 (should be around 341 strung)

In terms of strings, he looks to be using a hybrid of HEAD Hawk Touch in the mains and natural gut in the crosses.

The Radical MP pro stock code for the Graphene 360+ is TGT 351, but there is a chance that he is using the popular older Graphene Radical mold with the code TGT 307.

Where to buy Arnaldi’s racquet?

It won’t be easy to find Arnaldi’s personal pro stock racquet unless you can find it on forums or he has given some frames away to someone.

But, like I wrote above, you can get the HEAD Radical MP, a great frame from our friends at Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe (use the code TNERD10 for 10% off) or Tennis Only.

What do you think of Arnaldi’s game?

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