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Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet

by TN

Matteo Arnaldi is an up-and-coming Italian player who is currently ranked within the top 50. But what is Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet?

Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet

Matteo Arnaldi is using a popular racquet among younger pros, the HEAD Radical MP. This is not the current HEAD Radical MP Auxetic, which I think is a significant improvement, but the previous Graphene 360+ edition. When HEAD issues pro player racquets to their players, they can offer them different layups and string patterns based on their needs and wants. This is what is often called a pro stock racquet. There is nothing magic involved, but it allows professional tennis players to get what they want, even if it is not available in stores.

So although Arnaldi is now endorsing the HEAD Radical MP Auxetic, he is using what HEAD labels as a HEAD TGT 351.1.

Thanks to user “flyhome” on the Tennis Warehouse gear forum we got his specs. In terms of strings, Arnaldi is allegedly using HEAD Hawk Touch, but from some pics, it looks like he uses natural gut in the crosses.

Arnaldi’s racquet specs

These were the unstrung specs in February for Matteo Arnaldi’s racquet, the Head TGT 351.1:

Weight 314gr
Balance 30.8 cm
SW 311

If you add strings, this should approximately be:

Weight 334gr
Balance 31.8 cm
SW 341

The 340-strung swing weight is common for players using more control-oriented racquets on the tour. But can be seen as a bit too high for most recreational players. You can learn more about swing weight and other metrics in the Road to the Right Racquet e-book or course. The e-book is 10 euro on Amazon or in pdf, and the course is 20, and includes 35 videos and recommendations.

Back to Arnaldi’s racquet. It’s a spec that I think many advanced players can enjoy. A customized Radical MP for better power and stability to handle heavy incoming shots.

Arnaldi’s future

How far can Arnaldi go? The 22-year-old has an impressive game with no strong weaknesses. He is a part of a strong generation of Italian players like Musetti and Sinner and I am sure we will see him capture at least a few ATP titles in his career.

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1 comment

Daniele September 21, 2023 - 04:27

Hi, according to me It can’t be a TGT 351.
Head shape Is different, the “bridge” Is thinner and the grommet changes.
If you zoom you can see It.
May it’s a TGT 307, He played with a Radical Mp gt touch when he was younger.


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