Nicolas Almagro’s Racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

A lot of people are probably wondering what the hard-hitting Spaniard Nicolas Almagro is playing with. It’s not a Wilson, Head or Babolat so what can it be? Almagro has actually recently changed his racquet from a Dunlop 500 Tour to a Volkl Powerbridge 10 MP with a 16×19 string pattern under paint job of a Volkl Super G 10 Mid. Volkl are known for high-quality arm-friendly tennis racquets but owns a relatively small portion of the market compared to other racquet giants. I’ve previously played with the the Volkl Powerbridge 10 mid and must say it’s a very impressive racquet if you’re looking for control and feel.

Almagro is using Luxilon Big Banger Original and Tourna over grip

Volkl Organix Super G 10 Mid 320g Tennis Racquet

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