The Racquets of the ATP Pros

by Jonas Eriksson

Since there is no tennis at the moment, I wanted to create a video with some footage about the racquets of the ATP pros. What racquets do they use?

I have done a few videos and posts on the topic of the racquets of the ATP pros before, but this video focuses more on the footage and broader descriptions and less on the exact specs. I also try to include several players into one video. Please let me know if you enjoy the format and I will make more videos like these.

There are a few key takeaways from this video:

  • The pros generally use older racquets painted like new
  • Their racquets are customized for their style and preference
  • They add a lot of weight to the racquet for a higher swing weight
  • Their range of swing weights should ideally not be used by club players
  • Although it might be fun, you shouldn’t get too obsessed with what the pros use

I also hope the video drives the point home of how good these guys are at tennis! To be able to play at this level, you need a bucketload of talent and many thousand hours of hitting tennis balls and playing matches. Not to mention a strong mental game, good physique, and a body that is not too injury-prone. I think we all miss watching tennis live during Coronavirus times, but hopefully, footage like this and other clips can get us a small dose of tennis at least.

What racquets the ATP pros use

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I hope you like this content and that we all get back on the court soon!

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