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Yoshihito Nishioka’s racquet

by Jonas Eriksson

Thanks to fellow tennis nerd, Bruno, we now know the specs of Yoshihito Nishioka’s racquet. It’s lighter than you think.

As far as I understand, Nishioka is using a Yonex VCORE 98 (2023 version). This is the same as Tommy Paul’s racquet, but the specs differ. Tommy’s is a bit heavier as far as I understand and remember.

When I reviewed the Yonex VCORE 2023 racquets, the 98 was my favorite, usually reserved for the 95. But I think the 98 slots well in between the 100 and the 95 and is perhaps the most logical choice for most people as it balances well between power, spin, and control.

Yoshihito Nishioka

Nishioka is one of the shortest and fastest players in the top 100. Below are some facts about him. He is currently ranked #71 in the world after a so-so year with 5 wins and 5 losses in 2024 so far.

  • Age 28 (1995.09.27)
  • Weight 141 lbs (64kg)
  • Height 5’7″ (170cm)
  • Turned pro 2014
  • Country Japan 
  • Plays Left-Handed, Two-Handed Backhand
  • Coach Christian Zahalka

Nishioka has a YouTube channel that I’m sure can be interesting for some of you.

Nishioka’s racquet specs

I have seen pro players use decently chunky static weights with low swing weights before and this is another one of those.

Strung with Babolat VS Touch 1.30 mains and Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 crosses it weighs 337g, 31 cm balance, and 320 SW were the specs reported by Bruno, who owns his racquet. 320 is one of the lower swing weights I’ve seen from high-ranked pro players. I don’t know tension of the strings, but I assume he doesn’t string too high considering the low mass in the head of the racquet.

I am generally also a fan of heavier static weight, low head-light balance racquets. But I prefer a higher swing weight :)

What do you think of Nishioka’s game and racquet? Like always, we want to support the game and its players, so we wish Nishioka the best of luck in the rest of 2024!

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Carlos de Hostos March 30, 2024 - 01:09

52M 49X

Stanley Dakis March 31, 2024 - 17:06

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Stanley Dakis March 31, 2024 - 17:09

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