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Angell React Pro 99 Review

by Jonas Eriksson

I looked forward to this Angell React Pro 99 Review. I had not tested an Angell racquet in a while and they tend to deliver.

Check this post for more info about the Angell React racquets. There is also a review of the Angell React 96 here.


These are the unstrung specifications for the Angell React Pro 99.

Beam width: 21mm
String Pattern: 18 X 19
Weight: 305g / 10.8 OZ
Balance: 315mm / 9pts HL
Length: 27
Swing Weight: 288
Stiffness: 61 RA

The racquet plays a bit firmer than the 61 RA. Not arm-unfriendly, but a little more solid and forgiving than you’d expect.

String setups

For this racquet test, we tried a hybrid with a multifilament (HEAD Velocity MLT) and a poly and a hybrid consisting of two polys, Toroline Super Toro and Toroline Enso at 53 lbs and 51 lbs (crosses). Review to come about Toroline string setups like this.

The Toroline combo was great in this racquet and it produced excellent snapback and control without a harsh feel.


We thought this racquet played similarly to the Yonex Ezone 98. It is kind of in between this racquet and a HEAD Gravity Tour.

Who is it for?

The Angell React Pro 99 is suitable for intermediate to advanced players looking for a modern control racquet with a generous sweet spot and good playability.

How does it play?

I did this review with Juan, who you can see in the Angell React Pro 99 Review video. We both felt like this racquet had a great combination of power and control, but we are both players who prefer control racquets overall. Juan hits with a lot of spin and a semi-western grip and I use a semi-eastern grip and flatter strokes.

The style of play or technique did not matter. We both enjoyed the Angell React 99 Pro a lot. It had a nice feel and felt solid enough despite a pretty whippy 320-strung swing weight.

It is a fast-swinging racquet, which allows you to go hard at the ball with confidence. It does not give you excessive power anywhere but is more focused on balance.

The comfort of the racquet is not an issue and it is not overly muted or dampened where you don’t feel the ball.


I have always enjoyed Angell tennis racquets and this one might be the best one yet. It captures a lot of what the modern tennis player craves in terms of delivering power and spin, but not in excessive amounts.

Angell racquets can only be bought from the official website.

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