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Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 – First Impressions

by Jonas Eriksson
Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019

One of the most anticipated racquet launches in 2019 is the new Babolat Pure Strike. My friend Henrik Wallensten gave the Pure Strike 100 a glowing review and now I have finally been able to try it myself. Here are my Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 first impressions:

Let me quote from “Hank’s” previous review: “The hitting-partner I played with when testing the new Strike 100 is using the 2017 Strike 98 and he was totally blown away when he got the chance to try the 2019 Strike 100. He instantly said it felt much more solid than the 98 2017 version and asked when he could buy this frame.” People thought it was almost like a marketing post from Babolat, but after playing with this frame a few times now, I can understand the comment. It really seems like a big improvement over the previous Pure Strike 100. So here are a few of my first impressions of the Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019.

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 – Specs and tech

What is not listed in the image below is the stiffness rating, which is 72 RA strung. The racquet does not feel that stiff because the dampening of the Cortex Pure Feel system seems to work very well, but the racquet is very powerful. So I strung up my first few sessions with MSV Co Focus Hex Yellow 1.23 at 24 kg / 53 lbs. If you go much lower than this, I think the racquet will be a bit of a rocket launcher.

The racquet feels solid on impact and is perfect for volleys and picking up low balls and driving them hard towards the other side of the court. It is very much a point-and-shoot racquet, where the balls go where you direct them. Perfect for aggressive players who like to flatten out balls for winners.

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 – How does it play?

The muted feel of the Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 is not too muted and I felt connected to the ball. I had no issues with comfort despite playing with a poly string, but we will see if something pops up down the line. But I usually feel after only 60 minutes if a racquet is jarring and is emitting lots of vibrations.

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019

The Pure Strike line is definitely for attacking players who value directional control. When I was moving well I could blast winners from all areas of the court, which made this racquet a lot of fun to use. This kind of power is intoxicating, but it can lead you down a false road of confidence/optimism because as soon as you are a bit slower on the court, the balls will sail for you. I am curious to play with this more and see how it does on “off days” too.

I think attacking players who like to go for their shots will love this racquet. Perhaps they might want a bit more precision and then the upcoming 98 sq inch racquet will likely suit them better, but the 100 sq inch offered much better control than a Pure Drive in my opinion.

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 – Video review

Since I want to make sure my patrons/financial backers get something little extra, they already have access to the Pure Strike 100 2019 – First Impressions video on Patreon. I will, of course, create a full-blown review for this racquet, but it will take some more time. If you want to see some gameplay, I would love if you become a patron of Tennisnerd. It only costs $2 a month and you will get extra content such as “The School of Tennis Racquets” and lots more.

I deeply appreciate all the support I get from you guys. Not only financial but also the written messages etc…

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019

Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 – Summary

My first impressions of the Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019 are very good. This is a definite improvement over the predecessor. This one feels more solid and dampened, but not overly so that you don’t feel the ball. It packs a lot of power, but the power is quite controlled as long as you either put some spin on the ball or at least time it properly. I had a blast hitting flat shots for winners with the new Pure Strike and my arm felt no discomfort after two hours of play.

If you want a powerful frame that still offers good directional control (better for flatter hitters than for example a Pure Aero) than the new Pure Strike is definitely worth checking out. I think Babolat have done their homework here and understood what problems there were with the 2017 version and have made some significant improvements. This line of racquets is yet another fine release in a year that has already seen the Wilson Clash and the HEAD Gravity racquets. The battle is ON!

Have you tried the Babolat Pure Strike 100 2019? What did you think of this racquet?


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Ed August 3, 2019 - 17:23

Hi Jonas
Can you compare the Strike 100 to the Donnay and other arm friendly racquets?

Is there a gauge that identifies the more arm friendly racquets in any sort of order or or is it trial and sore arm after purchasing. ?


Tennisnerd August 4, 2019 - 06:30

Hi Ed,
I wouldn’t say it is an arm-friendly racquet such as the Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore or a Clash 100, but it is well-dampened. An RA in the lower 60s or below (strung) is a good symbol for an arm-friendly racquet. Anything above, it will vibrate faster and there is a larger risk of arm issues. Today some racquets are really well-dampened though so we will see if this stands true. Regards / J

Ed August 4, 2019 - 10:24

Hi Jonas
Thanks for your advice.

I did forget to ask if lower stringing ? low 50’s would give the arm friendly racquets enough power to get the best from the lower power?

thanks again regards Ed

Tennisnerd August 5, 2019 - 07:58

Yeah, low tension stringing opens up power and pocketing. Really recommend trying it.

Regards / Jonas

Raul August 28, 2019 - 17:00

Hi Jonas!!
This racquet seem really great, I think I will demo this to try.
Between this (the new pure strike 100) and the gravity MP, wich one do you think es better?
I ask you because in the last couple of years I improved my game a lot, and I’m looking for a new racquet more control oriented, I play with a lot of spin, and manily from the baseline, Im 34 years old.
And what other racquet do you think are great and should give it a try? I’m a fan of 100in racquet.
Thanks in advance

Tennisnerd September 2, 2019 - 07:23

Hi Raul,
It is a nice racquet if you like some extra power on your shots. The Gravity MP has a bit sweeter feel, but less power.

If you are looking for control, I would consider these 100 sq inch options:
Gravity MP or Tour
Angell TC 100
Prince Textreme Tour 100 310

Good luck! / J

PS. If you feel like my advice is really useful, please consider becoming a patron for $2 at patreon.com/tennisnerd and get exclusive content every week. DS.

Manuel May 17, 2021 - 22:39

Hi Jonas,
I know this is an old post from you but maybe you can help me.
Did you had the chance to play with the Pure Strike 98 16×19 3rd gen?
What would be the main differences with this PS 100 3rd gen?

TN May 18, 2021 - 07:09

Hi Manuel,
Yes, there is a review on my website and YouTube channel. The 98 will give you more control, but less power. Regards / J


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