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Should you buy the new Wilson Clash V2 racquet?

by Jonas Eriksson

I have gotten plenty of questions about the new Wilson Clash racquets. Should you buy the new Wilson Clash V2 racquet?

Like with all things racquets, there is never a straight forward answer. A good start is reading my Wilson Clash V2 review, where you can find out my in-depth thoughts about the new Wilson Clash v2. The easy answer to: Should you buy the new Wilson Clash V2 racquet is: It depends.

Is it worth the upgrade?

If you already play with the Wilson Clash, love it and want to buy a new racquet – you should definitely give this a go. The feel is improved. On the more advanced versions Clash 98 and Clash 100 Pro, you get an extra cross string (16×20 instead of 16×19) for more control. The design of the frame looks much better in mine and most people’s point of view. It’s just a pretty clear improvement from Clash V1 without changing the feel and performance of the frame drastically.

Who should play with the Clash?

If you haven’t used the Clash before, it’s always a good idea to demo. This goes for all racquets, but the Clash has a significant feel. It flexes in a way that not many other racquets do. Some players love it, some players don’t.

The idea with the Clash is that it is supposed to be soft on slower strokes and stiffen up on faster swings. I think the technology works overall, but some players will struggle with the trampoline effect in the string bed. Don’t get me wrong, you can control the ball well also with Clash racquets, but it depends on your playing style and technique. I think top spin players will enjoy the new Clash, while flatter hitters might want something with a bit more control.

Check out my post on control racquets here.

Pros and cons

The Clash is a unique racquet line and big props to Wilson for coming up with it.

Benefits of the Clash

+ Comfortable! If you suffer from arm issues, this is a must-demo.

+ Power. Good power and depth despite all the flex.

+ Spin. The movement of the string and relatively open pattern helps create many RPMs on the ball.

Downsides with the Clash

– The control can be lacking due to the trampoline effect in the string bed.

– The thick beam (24+ mm) makes the racquet feel a bit slow to some players.

Where to buy the new Clash?

The new Clash racquets are available from Wilson.com.

If you have bought a new Clash V2, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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Woz March 4, 2022 - 13:38

Wish you would consider taking a look at the Wilson XP1 Black. A great racquet for seniors like me, and reasonably priced.


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