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What tennis racquet should I buy?

by Jonas Eriksson

What tennis racquet should I buy? It is the eternal question for tennis nerds, and a common question for tennis beginners. The tennis racquet is the key tool for playing tennis and will affect the experience a great deal.

You might scratch your head and wonder: What tennis racquet should I buy? Maybe you have a bunch of racquets but does not like them. Maybe you are just starting out as a tennis player and want a good tennis racquet to start with.

Racquetholics and true tennis nerds can never really have enough tennis racquets. There is something special about buying a new racquet, choosing the right tennis string for it, customizing it to our preferred specs and taking it out to the court for the first hit. If we are in our “honeymoon period” we might think that the racquet will improve our tennis and be our holy grail.

But for people who do not collect or care deeply about tennis racquets, this is mainly a question of getting the right racquet for your game. It can be a lengthy and potentially costly process ending pretty much nowhere, so it is good to start in the right direction.

What is your level?

Choosing a tennis racquet to use can be high science but it can also be relatively simple and a lot of tennis gear sellers have tried to guide potential customers using different methods. This infographic from Tennis Express is a decent enough start.

First of all you need to ask yourself the question of who you are on the tennis court. What is your level of play? Are you fit? Do you need to bring power or tame power?

I have already written extensively on the subject here in a post called Choosing a tennis racquet as well as a Gear of the Year guide (2016) to name a few. However, it really never ends since the racquets fall out of fashion, as well as supply and new ones with new technology enter the market. Right now, the trend in the market is to focus on stiffening (increasing in power) yet vibration dampening technologies, such as Countervail (Wilson), TexTreme (Prince) or Graphene (the new Touch line by Head), but who knows what is next?


It is of no help to any beginner (unless a young child) to be playing with a frame below 300 grams, simply because there is not enough mass to get the ball moving in a significant way. Better to start there, and then you can either use lead tape to get more mass on your racquet if that is what you want, or tinker with tennis strings.

Since I have written extensively about this topic and play-tested hundreds of racquets, I will now open up for Q&A. So if you are curious about what frame will fit you, write a comment under this post about your level (posting a link to a video of your play would be helpful of course) and playing experience, and I will try my absolute best to recommend you a racquet and string combo that can work for your game. If you prefer, you can also send an e-mail to helloATtennisnerd.net and I will try my best to give you a solid recommendation.

What are you playing with right now and what is your next tennis buy? Please write in the comments below.

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E Seymor November 6, 2017 - 07:28

I have a Prokennex kinetic-Ionic 295 and its ok but the strings need attention before playing again this season – First is there doesnt seem to be any recommendations that come with racquets on purchase so its hard to know if its the racquet or the strings which doesnt suit his/her game. Even demo racquets have awful strings so where do you start?
Then after getting a racquet if it doesnt suit its no better than a boat anchor (and physios dream).

Johan Jonasson December 27, 2017 - 01:07

Hello. I play with head graphene xt speed mp with lead inlays so it weighs 315 grams. Is this a racket I should continue using?
Do I need a heavier one?

this is the link to a video of me playing and trying to hit a forehand with straight elbow like Federer.


Tennisnerd December 27, 2017 - 08:39

Hi Johan,
Impressive technique after only three years of play! Try to get a bit more forwards movement into your forehand and you’ll get more power and balance in your shot. I think the XT Speed MP is fine if you’re happy with it. If you feel that the racquet is unstable or you don’t get the weight on your shots that you want, you could try a heavier one or adding a little bit more lead tape to that one. Keep working hard!

Cheers / Jonas

Johan Jonasson December 27, 2017 - 13:11

Thanks for the answer.
There is a pro player at our club who plays with a racket that weighs around 360 grams, he is 22 years old. I get to play with some elite players some times who are around 17-18 years.
Do you think that i would play with a pro stock instead of a retail one?
If those rackets are more stable and better built or something?

Tennisnerd December 27, 2017 - 17:40

Yes, but weight is highly subjective and dependent on technique and game style. I like heavier racquets myself, but sometimes hit with a future-level ATP player who plays with 330-335 grams strung (Wilson Pro Staff 97) and it works fine for him. He actually went down in weight from the Wilson Six One 95. When you’re playing against players that hit the ball really hard it’s going to require some amazing timing with a lower weight racquet – but David Goffin can do it. I personally like taking the ball on the rise and attacking the net, but if you play a baseline game, a lighter racquet might make it easier to swing, rally after rally.

There are articles on Tennisnerd about pro stock racquets and they’re no magic wands, but usually just older racquet versions in new paint. There are some unique molds, but they won’t make you play better tennis, I promise you.

Why not try to play with a racquet around 320-25 grams unstrung and see how it goes? The Prince Textreme Tour, an older HEAD Prestige IG MP, or Wilson Six One 95 will work as a test. Stick with it for a week and see how you like it. I’m sure you’re going to encounter some pros and cons that will help you make up your mind.

Good luck! Cheers / Jonas

Harshom gupta January 14, 2018 - 13:18

Hi , my name is harshom gupta , i am from india and 18 yrs old.I am in a bit confusion of selecting a tennis racket according to my game. I am currently playing at itf futures level and aimimg to reach top 1000 at end of 2019.
I am not that tall (5’8?) and a baseline player.i hit heavy topspin at forehand and backhand a bit flattish. I like to control the points from my backand.
I currently playing with Wilson Prostaff 97 ls with lead tape at 12, 9,3 and under the overgrip and my racket weighs 305.
Can you please help me in finding a racket which could help my game.
Pls help
Thanking You
I also wanted to send you a video of me playing , how can i send you?

Tennisnerd January 14, 2018 - 14:49

Hi Harshom,
Nice to hear you playing Futures with a clear plan of the top 1000. I would guess you have a double-handed backhand? Do your racquet really weigh 305? Must be 350 grams if you add lead to a ProStaff 97 which is 350 grams unstrung.

Would be great if I could see a video of your game. Do you mind me posting it on TennisNerd with some reasoning behind my racquet recommendations? You can use wetransfer.com and send a file to hello@tennisnerd.net or add me on WhatsApp 0046703737674.

If you racquet weighs 350 and you’re playing long points from the baseline, it might be it’s a little heavy. Also the ProStaff 97 suffers from some string bed inconsistencies which might sometimes might make you feel like you lack control.

Please try to send me the video and I’ll see if I can help you finding a good racquet for your game. What strings do you normally use?

Best regards and good luck on your future tennis career! / Jonas

Ritchie February 7, 2018 - 14:28

Hello first of all thanks for a great website! I took up tennis 3 months ago and I have really got the bug for it. Your site hás been a fantástic source of information, só please keep it up!
Só far i have been using an artengo that i bought for 10 euros in decathlon. It hás served me well but i think i am ready to invest in a better racket, as i feel this racket may start to hold me back. I am on quite a limited budget (i dont really want to spend more than 70 euros). Can you recommend a good racket for me please?
Some information about me: i am 35 years old, 178cm, 82kg and quite strong from playing various other sports in the past. I have the impression that i am hitting the ball quite a lot harder than other beginners in my class, and in the last couple of weeks ive been enjoying getting some top spin on my forehands and hitting deeper. However i often get shoulder pain (i tore both rotator cuffs while surfing a few years ago and they never healed fully), and i am quite prone to tendonitis as well. From what ive read about rackets, my understanding is that as a beginner i should be looking for a heavier one and due to my shoulders i should be looking for a flexible one. Would you agree with that? A bit more info about me – só far i have found that i enjoy trying to hit hard from the baseline rather than approaching the net for volleys, só i suppose i may develop into more of a baseline player as i improve.

I have seen the artengo tr990 on sale for 60 euros – do you have any thoughts on this racket? My worry is that i have read that artengos can be a bit stiff.

Any advice greatly appreciated, and thanks again for the site!


Tennisnerd February 7, 2018 - 16:45

Hi Ritchie,
Nice to hear you’ve found our great and beloved sport! Take it easy with your body however and make sure to always stretch before and after.

I wouldn’t buy Artengo racquets, they’re not really a good brand to be honest. I would look for something with a low stiffness rating. What used resources do you have? I can recommend lots of racquets for you but I need to know where you can purchase from. Should be plenty of discounted racquets online. It doesn’t have to be heavy, a too heavy racquet might hurt your technique. A Yonex AI or DR 98 could be a good choice for you for example.

I would really recommend not to buy something cheap and stiff and then end up injured.

Cheers / Jonas

Ritchie February 8, 2018 - 09:55

Hi Jonas,

Thanks very much for the quick reply and the advice.

After a quick search, I have found a pair of Yonex AI online for 25 euros each, close to where I live! I have read a few online reviews and they have all been really positive. I think I will send the guy an email and if they are still available I’ll go and take a look.

I couldn’t find any DR98s. I live in Portugal, where perhaps the second hand market is not as big as some bigger countries.

Thanks again for the advice.

Best wishes,


Jonas Eriksson February 8, 2018 - 11:04

The Yonex AI is a great choice! Softer on the arm than the DR98 but slightly less power. Good luck! /J

Donna Wyse March 26, 2018 - 00:52

I have used the Wilson K4FX with Luxilon and loved it for years but now have Tennis elbow so need something less stiff. I’ve tried the Radical S and like it but would love more options. I’m a 5.0 Rec player with power but nearly 50 so need some control also. Much appreciated!

Tennisnerd March 27, 2018 - 13:37

Hi Donna,
Yes, the K4FX is a very stiff racquet! I would really recommend to look into the Prince Beast O3 104 and the Wilson Ultra 103S. Both are oversized and user-friendly racquets. The Prince is the more arm-friendly of the two.

I also think it might be good to consider a softer string? There are soft polys like Luxilon 4G Soft and Solinco Tour Bite Soft as well as high-end and nice-playing multifilament strings such as the Tecnifibre X-One Bi-phase.

Hope this helps a bit! Good luck! Regards / Jonas

Jay April 18, 2018 - 20:21

Hi – Im looking for a good tennis racquet for my father, who is aged 71 now. He currently plays with a Head Intelligence i.s4 and absolutely likes the amount of power and control he gets on that one. Since the frame broke he is shopping for a new racquet but has not found something to his liking. Here are the specs he wants –

Head size : 100-102
grip : 4-3/8
Balance : 325cm ie 8 points head light
Wight: 255-265gms unstrung
String pattern :16/19
Make: Europe/USA

What would you suggest based on this? Here is what I could find so far –
Make : Head intellifibre / Babolat pure aero superlite / Head pwr graphine touchxT/ Wilson Ultra 100 UL / Wilson Pro Staff RF 97

Thanks in advance
/ Jay

Tennisnerd April 19, 2018 - 10:18

Hi Jay,

I think both the Wilson Ultra 100 UL and the Babolat Pure Aero Lite could work well for your father. Sounds like his preferred specs. Beware that it’s hard to find a head light racquet that is that light, so those racquets are closer to even balance. Otherwise he simply doesn’t have enough weight in the racquet and will have stability problems.

I like the Wilson Ultra 100 series when I tried it so I’d recommend him to go for that one. If he is more used to the HEAD grip shape, the HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct S looks like a good fit for him!

Hope you find something he enjoys and wish him all the best on the court! Cheers / J

Paulo June 13, 2018 - 22:01

Good evening. I’ve played for many years.I always played with Babolat. I’m 37 years old. Today game with Babolat Pure Aero edition exclusive Roland Garros. I use a lot of Topspin, one-handed backhand, I have Tennis Elbow history (I want to avoid), I’m looking for a racket with good control, good topspin, power and comfort.
1) What rackets would you indicate?
2) What do you think of the Babolat pure drive 2018 and the Wilson ultra 100 contervail?
3) I always played with Babolat, does it make a lot of difference to start playing with Wilson?

Tennisnerd June 14, 2018 - 15:12

Hi Paulo,
I think the Pure Aero is not the best racquet for players with tennis elbow. I hope I can give you some good options, but like always, if you can borrow a racquet and test or demo at your tennis shop – that is best. What you will see different between Babolat and Wilson (and possibly other brands) is the slightly different grip shape, but it shouldn’t be a huge difference.

1. Comfortable spin-friendly racquets that come to mind: Prince Textreme Tour 100P, Angell TC 100 or K7 Red, Yonex Ezone AI/DR 98 or 100.
2. The latest Pure Drive is reviewed on my YouTube channel. I think that will play even stiffer than the Pure Aero so I wouldn’t recommend that one. The Wilson Ultra 100 CV is not a bad racquet with the right string. Not as comfortable as the ones above but good power. Maybe too much power to be honest. I would rather suggest the Yonex AI or DR 100 or the Prince Textreme Tour 100P.
3. Like I wrote above not a huge change. If you want minimal difference but more comfort I’d choose a Yonex Ezone racquet.

The string is also very important. If you have tennis elbow it could be good to play with a multifilament string that still offers control. I would check out HEAD Rip Control or Wilson NXT. Softer polys could be: Volkl Cyclone Tour, Solinco Tour Bite Soft, Luxilon 4G Soft.

Good luck!

Regards / Jonas

Damian June 19, 2018 - 01:55

Hello. I’m a hard hitting 3.5-4.0 player. One handed backhand. I’ve only been playing for one year and I’m still improving my consistency every week more and more.

I hit REALLY hard and generate good amount of spin. I’m currently playing with a Pro Staff 97 LS which is pretty lightweight. I wonder if I should be playing with something heavier? No tennis elbow or injuries, but I do find the racket spins in my hand sometimes.

Wondering how a heavier racket would affect my consistency? If I didn’t have to use so much power, maybe my stroke would be cleaner and less stressed, resulting in more consistency?

Tennisnerd June 19, 2018 - 09:18

Hi Damian,
The Pro Staff 97 LS is quite light if you are passed the beginner stage. It’s a decent racquet if you add some lead tape to it. I would consider adding 4 grams on the handle and 4 grams at 3 and 9 or 12 o’clock to start. Then you maintain the balance but get the racquet up a bit in weight. I think a slight bump in weight could affect your game positively. Too light racquets sometimes forces you to swing like crazy, which does make it more difficult to hit the sweet spot consistently. The cheapest solution for you would be to add some lead tape. If you don’t feel confident doing that or are interested in buying a new racquet, I really think the Wilson Ultra Tour or Wilson Ultra CV 100 could be an interesting switch for you. They don’t weigh so much more but will give you a boost in power and stability. There is also the option to go up to the Wilson Pro Staff 97, but that would be quite big bump in weight so I think you should slowly increase your weight to your racquet.

Good luck! Regards / Jonas

Niko June 28, 2018 - 12:57


I was a 6.0 player, when I was 18, but then my shoulder gave up and had to recover for almost two years. After that my tennis career just died. Now I’m 39 years old and been all this time basically not playing tennis at all, maybe 5-10 different occasions during these 21 years. Now I’ve gotten the spark again and want to start playing again.

I hit a heavy spin forehand and one hand backhand very often slice. I have fast hands and compact very fast swing on the forehand (Jim Courieresque?)
What would you recommend for me? Back in the day I Played w Wilson Original 6.0 Pro Staff and after that Head prestige, strings I don’t remember.

Now I have been hitting a couple of times with my friends Head XT Graphene Prestige Pro, but I don’t feel that it is a very “Healthy racket for my arm”, because even though I’m in a good condition, I can feel the day after in my elbow and wrist.

Can you suggest something to me?

Tennisnerd June 29, 2018 - 17:27

Hi Niko,
Nice that you have found your way back to our beautiful sport! Also, interesting that you have Courieresque strokes. He was a fave of mine when I grew up! Beware of wrist issues however, it might be worth to try to work on a longer swing for injury reasons alone.

The HEAD XT Graphene line is not your arm’s best friend. There are plenty of arm-friendly options out there – some of my favorites:

The Prince Textreme line are all very good racquets: Textreme Tour 95, Prince Beast 98 or Prince Phantom Pro 100P could all help both your tennis and your arm.
Wilson Ultra Tour is a nice racquet. Angell tennis creates some great tennis racquets as well such as the K7 Red which is as comfortable as it gets without sacrificing healthy spin. Yonex also creates nice sticks: Yonex DR 98 or Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310 are two really solid choices.

If you can test, fantastic. If not, all these mentioned above should give you a decent start to your renewed tennis career.

I would advise you to string it with a control-oriented multifilament or a soft poly string to start. Some choices:

COMFORT AND POWER: Natural gut, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, HEAD RIP Control.
CONTROL AND DECENT COMFORT: Luxilon 4G Soft, Solinco Tour Bite Soft, Volkl Cyclone Tour.

Good luck and let me know how it goes! Regards / J

Alex June 28, 2018 - 22:13

Hi Jonas!

So glad I found your website! I’ve had Head Liquidmetal Fire for years and loved it every time I was on court. The racquet broke a few months ago and I simply cannot find anything to replace it. I am using Radical S now, but find it somewhat under powering and certainly no match for the old Fire. Can you recommend a racquet that would play and feel the same way?

Tennisnerd June 29, 2018 - 17:19

Hi Alex,
The Liquidmetal Fire has interesting specs! I would check out some different Prince racquets: Prince Textreme Premier 105 or the Prince Textreme Beast O3 104. They have similar specs and the Prince Textreme line is really nice!

It is always good if you can test of course, but I think you should be happy with either of these racquets even if you can’t test…

Good luck! / Jonas

Erik Halvorseth July 6, 2018 - 04:30

Hello Jonas,
During these Wimbledon days I am a bit curious about trying
to rig a racket for a true serve/volley specialist just for the fun of it.
The reason why is that although I have barely passed novice level I have a natural ‘throwing arm’. If I had lived in
America I would have been a pitcher on the local baseball team for sure. My ability to throw small balls like tennis balls,snowballs etc in my younger years was my only true sports talent. Some ppl have this natural wrist speed(altough taken to the extreme it is very easy to get elbow injuries etc)and I am one of them.
I have an extremely stocky body- 1.77m/100kg with short but powerful arms. My hands are relatively small.

Can you give me some rough guidance along what lines I should try both regarding frame, size and strings?
I am not saying I will master this raquet in regular play
but I would like to try it out just for serve/volley purposes and for the pure experimental fun of it.
Make your tips as extreme as you can regardless of pricing etc.
I live in Oslo,Norway.

Erik Halvorseth

Tennisnerd July 6, 2018 - 08:55

Hi Erik,
Thanks for your message and sharing your experience. For serve and volley play I think a slightly stiffer, smaller frame is good – should be a head light balance for manoeuvrability too. Tim Henman used the Slazenger Pro Braided for example, Stefan Edberg the Wilson Pro Staff 85. You do not need to worry much about spin so you can avoid poly strings. I think a full bed of natural gut can be brilliant for S&V players. You can also try multifilaments like HEAD Rip Control or Wilson NXT or Tecnifibre X-One Biphase. You can string them around 25 kg so you get a bit more control. Heavier and smaller head size racquets are great for producing a good serve and stable volley in my opinion.

A few current racquets I would consider:
Prince Textreme Pro 93P – review to come shortly.
Angell Custom TC 90 – review to come shortly.
Wilson Pro Staff 90 – Either edition really.
Wilson Six One 95 – More versatile stick but really good for S&V.

I have some Six One 95 for sale if you want to try that one relatively cheaply.

Good luck!

Regards / Jonas

Erik Halvorseth July 6, 2018 - 16:13

Hi, Jonas. Do you have an e-mail adress I can use?
Erik Halvorseth

Gabriel July 18, 2018 - 06:19

Hi Jonas,
I’m really enjoying your website, many thanks.
I’m returning to play, and I want to change my racket (Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90) because I’ve always found it difficult to play with it. My main problems with this racket I find it difficult to play consistently with my forehand and to have power in my shots. A few days ago I tried an old racquet (Dunlop Tactical Formula extra long) and I found that my game improved considerably. However, it gave me some pain in my elbow. Some details about me, I’m a 3.0 – 3.5, I prefer to play with top and one-hand backhand. I’m 34 years old, 1.87m/80 kg.
I’m considering to buy Wilson Blade 98 16X19 CV. However, I would like to have your advice because maybe is not the best choice.

Tennisnerd July 18, 2018 - 07:51

Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for your kind words.

The BLX Pro Staff 90 used to be my racquet of choice some years back, but although midsize racquets feel great on some shots, they are inherently difficult to play with.

An extra long, stiff racquet can really be tough on your elbow. The Blade 98 16×19 is not a bad option, they are a bit too muted for my taste, but the comfort is quite good.

Here are some arm-friendly, yet modern racquet that will give you forgiveness without wrecking your arm:
Angell K7 Red – You can find the review and info about this racquet on Tennisnerd. Comfortable and spin-friendly.
Yonex DR 98 – Yonex make great racquets. The new VCORE Pro 97 is also a good option.
Prince Phantom Pro 100P (The Textreme Tour 100P is also good) – Nice, forgiving feel. Lots of comfort.
Wilson Ultra Tour – Very comfortable racquet, that might need some lead tape for extra plow-through.

Hope you find a good option. Not sure what string you use, but stay away from poly for now and if you feel you want more control – get into that ocean of choice.

String options:
Natural gut (expensive but best feel)
HEAD Rip Control
Wilson NXT
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase.

There are loads of other options for good multis – check with your local stringer.

Good luck and stay healthy on court!

Cheers / J

John July 18, 2018 - 20:06

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for the service you are providing. I can’t wait to read your advice. I am a 40 year old 4.5 lefty with a high deep loopy heavy topspin forehand that I hit cross court to trap righty’s on their backhand side above their strike zone until they miss or, less often, give me a short ball to hit for an open court winner. One of my Prince Rebel 95 (the original heavy black one that I loved the feel of) racquets cracked, and I’m trying to figure out what to replace it with. My friend let me try his Nadal Pure Aero and I felt like it may have given more power/spin when my feet were set perfectly but was less forgiving when I was off balance. I heard Prince was bankrupt and know Babolat seems to be trending so was curious to see you recommending so many Princes and so few Babolats. I’ve always used Prince so I’d love to be convinced that they’re still relevant even though the top pros don’t seem to think so, but I’m also willing to try something else especially if it works better and I save money. Ideally, I’d love to end up with something that is old enough to grab on the cheap but still best for my game. What do you think?

Tennisnerd July 22, 2018 - 10:23

Hi John,

Nice to hear from you.

Prince are alive and kicking! Actually some of the best frames to come out in recent years are Prince racquets. If you love the Rebel 95 I have a few options to recommend:

Prince Textreme Tour 95 – Similar to Rebel 95, in my opinion an improvement even and I have used both extensively.

If you want even more control: Prince Phantom Pro 93P. Big sweet spot for a 93 sq inch racquet, but if you have a heavy top spin forehand the spin and forgiveness might be slightly lacking. My review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jl8vUbBJQ0&t=36s

But there are 2-3 solid options:

Prince Beast 98 – great in-betweener racquet. Good sweet spot, solid comfort and great spin! I really enjoyed this frame when reviewing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDjBBf9rpOs&t=232s (Isner endorses Beast 100)

There is a written version of this too.

Another interesting frame is the Prince Textreme Tour 100P, bigger head size like the Pure Aero, but thinner beam and more comfort. Same goes for the Prince Phantom Pro 100P that plays similar but swings a little heavier for beefier shots. Also offers slightly better touch in my opinion. (Pouille endorses Tour 100P)

These are just current Prince alternatives that you should be able to find at a decent price.

Other good frames to consider outside Prince:
Yonex DR 98 or 100 – Similar spin but more comfort than the Pure Aero.
Angell K7 Red – a 98 sq inch soft and spin-friendly frame. Really like this one. Link to Angell: https://www.angelltennis.com/?wpam_id=20
Wilson Ultra Tour – Heavier on the control side, but really nice feel and good comfort.

I hope this helps! Good luck finding your next frame.

Cheers / Jonas

Iris Noack July 20, 2018 - 05:22

Hi, thank you so much for such great information, I love your site!

I played high school tennis a long time ago (almost 20 years, yikes) and I am just now back into playing. I remember trying rackets and loving everything from the Wilson hammer series. I think I ended up with a 6.2. I had good top spin, one handed back hand, and mostly enjoyed a baseline game because I prefer to hit hard from my forehand.

I have a physical job where I use my arms so I am careful in sport to take care of my body. I would like something responsive, yet forgiving. I am not looking to get a wicked serve back, I just want to hit the ball around and have fun.

Thanks, iris

Tennisnerd July 22, 2018 - 10:22

Hi Iris,
Thanks for your kind words. I hope I can give you a few decent suggestions:

Prince Beast 98
Prince Textreme Tour 100
Yonex DR 98
Angell K7 Red
Babolat Pure Strike 98 16×19
Wilson Blade 98

These racquets are all comfortable and pack a punch and should get you lots of enjoyment from your game!

Good luck / Jonas

Rock July 22, 2018 - 00:32

I got a 2017 head speed pro, just not liking it especially when I do one handed backhands. Does not feel natural for me. For forehands its hard to explain but I’ll just say I dont feel the pop when i hit it. So I went out and got a old Dunlop 300 aero gel at a used sports shop. Loving that raquet so far, do you think the head size makes much difference in how you are able to swing. The dunlop is 98 while the speed pro is 100. Also I’ve concluded that im more suited to handle heavy then head heavy. Im a 2.5-3.5 level player, love the game. Any suggestions as to what specs i should do to my speed pro. Cuz it was expensive dont want it go to waste. Hope to hear a reply, thanks for listing.

Tennisnerd July 22, 2018 - 10:21

Yes, the head size makes a different how the racquet swings through the air. Same with the beam width and shape of the head. I think you could try to add a leather grip (more weight) to it and see if it feels lighter to swing. Otherwise, maybe you are just more comfortable with a smaller head-size racquet. The 2017 Head Speed Pro should be easy to sell used so you won’t let it go to waste, but do not give up on it just yet. Good luck!

Ryan July 24, 2018 - 19:26

Hi Jonas,

I’ve done some research on beginner/intermediate racquets and wanted to know your opinion between Head Ti.S6 and Prince Textreme Warrior 107. Any other recommendations are much appreciated.

I’m not great. I typically hit cut shots if that helps but would like to get better and have a racquet that can grow with my game.

Thanks in advance.

Tennisnerd July 26, 2018 - 08:36

Hi Ryan,
They are both excellent racquets for intermediate/beginner players, but I think the Prince Textreme Warrior 107 will be an easier racquet for you to develop your game with and move over to smaller head sizes down the line. The HEAD Ti S6 is good too, but the shape and size of the racquet makes it quite a transition to other frames that can help you improve later on.

Good luck! Cheers / Jonas

Dave August 6, 2018 - 18:30

Hi Jonas, I played for years with a Head Ti S6 but started experimenting with smaller and heavier rackets around 5 years ago eventually settling on a prince textreme 100t. I mainly play doubles and whilst my prince is fine playing indoors, I seem to struggle to generate power, touch or change direction of the ball when playing outdoors. I recently tried a Head PWR instinct which felt just like playing with my old Head Ti S6 and am thinking of going back to something like that. I have suffered from golfers elbow in the past and suffer from lower back stiffness quite regularly. Therefore whilst I try to hit with the right technique and can develop decent power indoors, I do sometimes need to rely on my instincts and reactions. I’m reluctant to just revert to a large light racket but wonder if that might be my best option?

Tennisnerd August 7, 2018 - 10:59

Hi Dave,
Outdoor tennis is completely different to indoor tennis at times. Conditions vary and the wind might make the ball feel heavier and slower. Yes, the PWR Instinct is very close to your old HEAD Ti S6. It is a fine racquet to use in doubles, my only issue is that those kind of oversized frames does not really help you improve your technique as it is so powerful it is fine to arm the ball. However, if you just want to play your best competitive tennis, this might be the racquet that helps you the most.

I think you could go with a racquet a bit in between the Ti S6 and the Prince Textreme 100T.

I would check out the Prince Textreme Warrior 107. You get more power and real estate than the 100T, but it is not as large and powerful as the racquets you mention. So a 107 inch racquet could be a good compromise for you to play your best tennis but still be able to hone your technique.

Improving your technique will also help you to stay away from injuries such as golfers elbow and lower back stiffness. Personally, I try to do some stretching (regular and dynamic) every day to mitigate the stiffness that usually comes with sessions of tennis.

Good luck on the courts and hope you find a racquet that works for your game.

Cheers / Jonas

Paul August 6, 2018 - 18:38

Hi Jonas,

After a 15 year hiatus, I’m getting back in the game and stumbled upon your site and youtube videos ! Your articles are very informative and I think you’re the right person to help me.

I use to play competitive tennis with a Head i.Prestige Mid. I sadly think they got lost when I moved back to France, so I got a couple of Wilson Blades 98 16×19 (2015 models, good deal because I was on a budget) to get back into shape. I like the feel, love the pop and the comfort, however, I don’t know which string pattern would best suit my game: 18×20 or 16×19? I have a mix of a “Del Potro” and “Zverev” style (although I don’t have the ounce of their talent !) with a pretty flat, fast and low forehand and 2 handed backhand. I use topspin to change pace in the game, but I mostly hit fast and flat (but not completely flat, of course !). Therefore, should I come back to a 18×20 string pattern ? I am nostalgic of my i.Prestige mid and that classic feel and was thinking of testing the new Ultra Tour or Prince Phantom (or maybe Textreme Tour ?). Or should I try the Blade 18×20, because I do like the pop of my current frame ?

What do you recommend ? I also like Yonex racquets and have never tried a Dunlop frame.

Sorry if this is a lot of information ! Hope you can help. Thanks for such an excellent site !

Best wishes,

Tennisnerd August 7, 2018 - 10:32

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your e-mail and for reading the website.

What are you missing most from the Blade 16×19 you use today? The 2015 is a great stick, I do actually prefer the 18×20 myself, but both string patterns work well.

Sounds like we have a similar style of tennis. If you like the fast feel of a midsize frame but with a bit more forgiveness I would check out the Prince 93P which I will keep in my tennis bag although it might not be my main racquet of choice. Just a fantastic frame to play with. The sweet spot will be smaller with your current racquet however so keep that in mind.

If you want more forgiveness and maintain a fast feel the new HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro is something I am currently enjoying. Yonex racquets are great too. The VCORE Pro 310 could be something for you and they are soon releasing the the update to the SV series. I would recommend checking out the SV 98 in that case.

There are lots of racquets that could be interesting for you, it depends on what you want out of the frame. If you are a flatter hitter, sometimes a more open pattern helps you to get that extra lift on the ball to clear the net. But in some cases you can feel the ball floating a bit on shots when you need more precision. So if you feel you often hit long or lack control with the Blade 16×19, a tighter pattern might be the way to go.

I think it would be interesting for you to demo a tighter pattern and then compare which one works best for you.

Good luck in your search!

Cheers / Jonas

Paul August 8, 2018 - 17:26

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your response ! You are exactly right, I am lacking a bit in control with my Blade 16×19 when hitting a flat forehand winner; the ball seems to float a bit and go long. That’s why I was thinking of coming back to a tighter string pattern, although I might miss a little bit of that free power. Nothing a little lead can’t fix, right ?

Thanks for your recommendations, I will definitely test the Prince 93p for that classic feel and was thinking of trying out the Dunlop Srixon Revo CX2.0 Tour as well. Never thought of the Speed Pro, but sounds like a good idea, as well as the Yonex and will test them side by side with my Blade.

Thanks for everything and I’ll let you know who the lucky winner will be !

Best wishes,


Tennisnerd August 9, 2018 - 09:15

Hi Paul,
Yes, I have heard good stuff about the Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour, definitely needs some lead tape. You will find more control so string low and add lead to get more power out of it.

Good luck! Cheers / J

Robert Poletick August 10, 2018 - 21:04

Hey Jonas
Great blog! I am a 64 year old 3.0-3.5 player. I’m in excellent physical shape, agility, speed and strength. My darling Pro Staff classic 6 si (12.6 oz) recently bit the dust. I’d been wielding it for approx. 28 years. I’m loathe to admit it but maybe I need to consider a slightly lighter replacement. I play mostly doubles, but I am capable of fuii, fast swings when rallying with one person. My strokes go to shit in doubles. Not enough pace, perhaps. Anyway I’m going to demo four racquets. I’m thinking Pro Staff 97, Textreme Tour 100P, Textreme Tour 95, VCore Pro 97 (310), or Textreme Warrior 100. Am I on the right track?
BTW, I enjoy net play and rushing the net.
A bit long winded. sorry.


Tennisnerd August 11, 2018 - 16:12

Hi Robert,
Thanks a lot! You can still get the Pro Staff Classic 6.1 if you want (25 year anniversary edition) or the Wilson Six One 95 re-issue if you want a similar feel to what you are used to. If you would like a bigger sweet spot, which I think helps for the fast pace of doubles, then trying a new, more powerful racquet could be the way to go. Some comments about your choices:

Wilson Pro Staff 97 – decent stick, a bit more manoeuvrability, but you would probably like some lead tape at 3 and 9 to increase stability.
Textreme Tour 100P – good choice, nice blend of power and control.
Textreme Tour 95 – A great racquet, but definitely not powerful and requires some lead tape in the head.
VCORE Pro 97 – You will get more spin with this one so a good choice, might also require some customization.
Textreme Warrior 100 – Also a solid racquet – I might throw in a Prince Beast 98 here instead since you already have the Tour 100P.
I would also consider throwing in a HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro, which I have really enjoyed of late.

Really curious about how this play-test goes for you. Keep me posted and good luck!

Cheers / Jonas

Fredrik Hakansson August 23, 2018 - 15:14

Hej Jonas!
I am a 47 year old man, 100kg, 2m tall athletic guy who has started playing tennis again. As a teen I played with friends all summer long, trying to serve as Becker and hit forehands like Borg. I play with my fischer whitespot -85 (Järryd) with lead at 9 12 3 and some also in the but Cap, weight strung is 375. Think string pattern is 16 main 20 across. Tension is a ? but its tight. I like to place my shots. I have no trouble hitting with power allthow my technique isnt good. Is wilson blade SW104, witch is 70cm, something for me? Would realy like to try a longbody stick.

Tennisnerd August 23, 2018 - 18:38

Hej Fredrik,
Welcome back to the beautiful world of tennis! Wow, that whitespot you don’t see a lot these days! I think the Blade SW104 might be a bit drastic a change since the head size is so much bigger and it will be significantly more powerful. It is a nice racquet so you could definitely try it though. I think a Yonex DR98+ (or Yonex SV98+) could have been an interesting racquet for you, but they are a bit hard to find. One idea could be to order an extended 95 sq inch racquet from Angell Custom. Lets say you go with the 95 sq inch, 16×19, RA 63 and 27.5 sq inches (or more) and you have a good combo of specs. If you want a bigger head size, you could go with the 97 or 100 sq inch instead. But since you want to place the ball and are used to a 93 sq inch racquet, this could be a good transition I believe.

Good luck!

Mvh / Jonas

Fredrik Hakansson August 29, 2018 - 16:03

Thanks för quick response!
Regarding headsize, I want more sweet spot in the 98 – 105″ zone. I often misshit ie the frame. Are the Yonex sticks bigger in sweet spot than other brands?

I see myself as an all court player who likes to place the ball and often finish at net.

Angel Customs sounds pricey…approx moneywise?

Maybe Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody?

Would I play like an Angel, Prince or Serena?

Tennisnerd August 29, 2018 - 21:22

Yes Yonex are known for good-sized sweet spots. Like your last comment! :) Angell can be pricey and have smaller sweet spots, although great control. Not a huge fan of the Prince Graphite myself. Maybe the Serena frame could be the one if you don’t like Yonex!

SamB September 6, 2018 - 21:05


This site has been an amazing experience and opened up my mind for sure.

I am using a Prince O3 Tour racquet for the past 5yrs and got used to its 310 unstrung weight. Been a predominant baseliner it has helped Moyle my game.

I am looking transition to a latest racquet similar to this and not too heavy, however open for suggestions.

I tried W ProS 97 and somehow didn’t enjoy the feel of it.

Kindly advise.

Tennisnerd September 7, 2018 - 10:57

Hi Sam,
Thanks. If you want a newer racquet with similar feel I would check out the Prince Phantom Pro 100P or (Phantom 100) or for more power, the Prince Beast racquets.

Prince still makes awesome racquets so I think you should find something good there.

Cheers / Jonas

Hannah Bryan October 18, 2018 - 23:33

Hi, I played with a Volkl VSense 4 for approx 1 year, liked it but thought it lacked power. I changed to VSense 3 which has more power because of thicker frame but is actually a lighter racket. Six months later, my shoulder and arm is in a lot of pain, not sure if the racket is the sole cause. Any advice on what I could do? I have had tennis elbow in the past but now it’s more inside of arm and wrist pain. Would lead tape help? Or a total change to ProKennex or Yonex?
Thanks, Hannah

Tennisnerd October 19, 2018 - 09:00

Hi Hannah,
The VSense 3 is a pretty stiff racquet. I could definitely see how the stiffness together with the extended length hurts your arm and wrist. Sometimes technique is behind it so I would recommend explaining your problem to a good coach and doing a couple of sessions to see if it can maybe be related to that. Otherwise, there are quite a few racquets on the market that could offer you decent power but in an arm-friendlier stick. If you want to change, I would suggest looking at:

Prince Beast 100 (could be O3 or regular version)
ProKennex Ki Q+5 Pro

Good luck! Regards / Jonas

Lou November 2, 2018 - 15:53

Which Wilson Blade do you recommend, BLX or K Blade?

Tennisnerd November 2, 2018 - 15:59

The kBlade is very good, I don’t like the BLX so much. The 2015 one is probably my favorite (green/black), the Countervail is my least favorite…

Jo November 26, 2018 - 14:08

Hi Jonas,

I recently bought 2 Volkls the Organix Super g 10 both the 325g and 295g. I bought them because I keep aggravating my golfers elbow with a Babolat Pure drive (2009) (absolutely love the racket but my elbow doesn’t).I Find the volkl 325g just a bit to heavy and hard to manoeuvre and the 295g feels like im hitting with a sponge!! I strung it at 24kg with volkl power fibre 11 and everything lands short and feels low powered especially against heavy hitters. With golfers elbow would it be ok to add weight at 12 o’clock on this racket just to give me a bit more power? should I try different strings I just would like advice on getting some more power and stability on an arm friendly racket. im a level 4.0 recreational player

Cheers Jo

Tennisnerd November 26, 2018 - 14:57

Yes, that is a low-powered racquet (the 295g) Yes, add some lead tape at 12 first to see what happens. If you want even more weight, you could go with 3 and 9 or those two locations combined. You can also try to string lower. The Powerfibre is powerful and comfortable, but if you want a bit more spin you could try the Volkl Cyclone Tour which is a softer poly.

If you want to maintain balance, remember to add weight in the handle, either through a leather grip or by adding lead tape underneath the existing grip.

Good luck / Jonas

jodunkley1@gmail.com November 30, 2018 - 11:13

Thanks for the advice Jonas, I’ve taped up at 12 to start with and am playing Monday, so will see how that goes.


Jo December 5, 2018 - 14:53

Hi again Jonas,

Thanks for your advice, I taped at 12 on my 295 Volkl and it felt much better got much more depth on my shots, am going to go 3 and 9 as well.

Managed to aggravate my elbow though!! although that’s probably because I haven’t rested it enough and shouldn’t have even been playing today! rather than anything to do with the racket. That’s me out for a few weeks at least :( Have a great Christmas x

Alberto Crosa Galant February 17, 2019 - 15:10

Hi Tennisnerd,
I’m Alberto and I play tennis since I was 4 years old (I’m 36 now). I’m 1.80 m tall and 70 kgs. I still play few tournaments, if i get lucky I could play a 2nd round in a future, just to give you an idea of my level. Left, good forehand and volleys, weak topspin backhand, often played slice, I love to change the pace of the rally. Ten years ago I felt in love for k blade tour 93, played with soft monofilament strung at 22 kg. I would like to find out something that match the balance of that beautiful stick, maybe a little bit more powerful and easier (95 to 98?) as I’m getting older, but I never found again that crisp response, the beautiful feeling to crack the ball when you hit flat… I tried last blade 98 18*20, wilson six one, Yonex duel g 330gr (that was nice to be fair), but never found again that feeling, the feeling to hit the ball with the hand. It seems nowadays all the racket are muted. I was thinking to try with an Angels or a ZUS 95 custom, good idea or not? any other suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Tennisnerd February 19, 2019 - 14:15

Hi Alberto,
Thanks for your message, sounds like we are pretty close in game and age! The kBlade Tour 93 is a rare spec to find. I would really recommend you to test the Prince Phantom 93P for a slightly softer response that is great on slice, volleys and serves and fast on aggressive forehands. That is also 93 sq inches, but more round than the kBlade Tour 93 so you get some extra sweet spot. If that is not interesting the Yonex VCORE 95 will offer a crisper, yet controlled response. Another racquet I really like and just recently reviewed is the Tecnifibre Tfight XTC 305. Crisp and powerful, but the 18×19 pattern offers good control. Hopefully, you will find a good one there.

PS. I also like Angell frames, but they are usually plusher than the kind of response you want to mimic from the kBlade Tour 93. DS.

Cheers / Jonas

Laurean February 20, 2019 - 01:25

Hi Jonas,
And thanks again for the awesome site and advices.

I want to ask you for some advice. I am playing 2-3 times a week, participating in amateur competitions, 1.74 cm, 74 kg, aggressive baseliner, strong serve, powerful, lots of spin forehand, rather flatish twohand backhand, seldom going to the net. I play with Pure Aero (2017 model), added 6 g lead tape to 3 and 9 o’clock, and 10 g blutack in the handle. Strung with hyper g at around 50 pounds. I really love this setup for forehand and serves, but not ideal for my flatish backhand, and lacking a bit control at the net.
Is there any magic racket that can fit my style??

Tennisnerd February 21, 2019 - 21:50

Hi Laurean,
Thanks for the feedback! Sadly, there are no magic racquets. That is what we’re all looking for, but there are always pros and cons with every racquet. You usually have to decide if you want to improve your strengths or reduce your weaknesses. Go with the setup that wins most points. But I would perhaps try a Pure Strike in your case and see if you get a bit more control at the net and on your backhand.

Good luck! Cheers / Jonas

Laurean February 22, 2019 - 13:21

Many thanks!

Damjan March 23, 2019 - 23:09

Hello Jonas,

i hope you will make a review of a Radical Tour 630 (bumblebee) soon, so that i can sum it up what to choose.Also i am interested what is the specs of the Radicl Tour,unstrung weight,RA, balance, etc. Is it similar to PT630 (PT57a).

I am playing with Head Speed Pro GrapheneTouch.I have put leather grip in order to get more feel and it worked.And just 2g on 3′ and 9′ o clock for stability. But now i trying to find more flexible and comfortable frame.
Or maybe Wilson Ultra Tour, which you have recently reviewed.
Best regards!!

Mark Nagy April 9, 2019 - 14:30

I have played tennis most of my life. I learned on a Dunlop Maxply, gravitated to a Dunlop Max 200G, and was playing on a Dunlop Revelation Tour Oversize when I was last actively playing in the 90’s. I was a 3 to 3.5 player back then. I’m 60 now and have started playing again. I had the grip replaced on the Revelation and strung it up with Babolat Xcel 16 to try to get my racket coordinaton back. I want to transition to a new racquet next spring. Should I transition to a new racquet? What racquets should I consider if I do. I was thinking of trying a Yonex Ezone DR 98 or 100. Thoughts?

Thanks Tennis nerd!

Tennisnerd April 9, 2019 - 16:16

Hi Mark,
You should definitely try some new racquets!

Yonex DR 98 or 100 are great choices. The Wilson Clash is an interesting one too.

It depends a bit on what you want to achieve and how your game style is. These racquets are not the best if you hit flat, then I would suggest checking out a Prince Phantom 93P or a Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310.

Good luck! Cheers / Jonas

Ben April 9, 2019 - 22:06


I would really like some advice on what racket I could/should use to improve my game for the future . I have played tennis all my life and have in the past used Dunlop, Yonex and Wilson rackets. I am 39 years old now and and have played with a Babolat Aero Pro Drive 2012 300g version for the past 7 years, with a full bed of Babolat rpm blast strings. I am a UK 4.1 rated player, and play a lot of both singles and doubles. (I did try some various rackets last year including Wilson pro staff countervail 295gram, and also Yonex DR 98 and 100 but in the end decided against switching at the time.

I very much enjoy the feel of the aero pro drive racket for touch shots and top spin/whippy forehands, but find my groundstrokes and serves seem to have too much spin and not enough power for what I am probably needing now. I also like to get to the net more than I used to, so a better racket for volleying would also be of interest.
Any advise would be very useful.

Many Thanks

Tennisnerd April 11, 2019 - 09:17

I have a few you could try that could work well for your game:
Tecnifibre Tfight 305 XTC – Solid, does most things well.
Diadem Elevate Tour – a bit heavier but very nice on volleys!
Wilson Clash Tour – a more controlled Pure Drive with a bit less power.

Good luck / Jonas

Luis April 17, 2019 - 18:40

Hi Jonas,

I am a 3.5-4.0 player (flat hitter, OHBH looking for control), 36 year old in good shape, 70 kilos and 1.77cm. I used a HEAD Graphite Xtreme Lite for a couple of years, but I wanted to switch and got a Babolat Pure Control Tour (360g, with lead tape in 3 and 9, dampener and an extra head hydrosorb tour grip). I have Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable in mains at 51Lbs and Wilson Synthetic in crosses at 55Lbs. I like the racket, but I was wondering if my transition was too abrupt weight wise…

I also have a Volkl V Sense V1 Pro (which I like) and a Yonex EZONE DR 100 (which feels just so so). Both go with Gosen AK Pro 16G at an unknown tension…thoughts?

Thank you very much

Tennisnerd April 18, 2019 - 09:55

Sounds like a really big change for sure. I have transitioned towards lighter racquets and would recommend you to do the same and work on increasing your swing speed while retaining control.

I would go with the V1 Pro, because it is a nice and versatile racquet. No need to add any lead tape in my experience on that one.

Strings you can experiment with, but if you like those strings, stick with them. I did not find the V1 Pro string sensitive so you can probably go with any poly you like and adjust the tension to what kind of power you’re looking for.

Regards / Jonas

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Andrey April 29, 2019 - 09:33

Hello! First of all i would like to mark your site as very interesting and useful.
I am from Moscow Russia, 64 years old (good form), playing tennis from 1982. Last 20 years i use Fischer pro number 1 (now magnetic ++98 320g).
I am finding any new racket to get “same result at less efforts”. May be you recommend me 4-5 models to try.
The problem is to test some of them and compare.
Now I like yonex Vcore 98 305 or Vcore 97 pro 310, Wilson blade 98 16×19 or 98s, Wilson pro staff 97s etc.
My style universal with onehandede backhand.
It`s not my to adjust the racket. Prefer to get and play.
Thank you in advance

Tennisnerd May 3, 2019 - 14:58

Hi Andrey,
Thanks. I would recommend the following for you to try:
Yonex VCORE Pro 97
Wilson Clash Tour
HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro
Tecnifibre XTC 305

The easiest to use of these racquets is the Clash, but it might take a while to get used to the feel.

Cheers / Jonas

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You will get unique content and an often updated personal tennis blog as a bonus. DS.

Andrey May 3, 2019 - 13:13

Hello, tennisnerd! I am 64 good form, enough good tennis and play tennis about 35 years.My last during 20 years Fischer pro number one, magnetic ++. 320g 98 inch. I like it very much but understand that is old one and heavy.
Now i am going to choice more modern gear same approximate 98, but lighter but saving power, control and more spin effect.
Unfortunately i have not possibility to test what i want and may be you recommend something.
Now in my minds Wilson blade 98 cv 16*19 or 98s cv, Yonex vcore 97 pro 310, Yonex vcore 98 305g.
Probably something another.
Waiting your reply. Thank you.

Andrey May 4, 2019 - 08:05

Thank you for soon reply. Yes i have tested clash but can say nothing about it. May be it was not enough time to understand. To my mind my Fischer more controlled.
The problem is i am in Moscow and some of rackets almost impossible to test.
Thank you once more. Good luck.

Mark Nagy May 8, 2019 - 17:34

Thought I would send you an update Jonas.

Since my game is more old school with a flatter hitting style, I’m opting to try out the Yonex VCORE PRO 97 (310). I found one gently used for a nice price strung up with Yonex Polytour Pro. I’m also trying out a Donnay Allwood strung up with Head Reflex MLT 17ga. I’m also considering trying the Donnay Formula 100.

I’ve stopped playing with the Dunlop Revelation Tour because I was developin some wrist pain.
I like how both the Yonex and Allwood hit and feel. I feel like the Allwood could suite my game best with a lower powered multifilament strung in it or perhaps a hybrid to give me more controll and subdue it’s power slightly. One of the Clash racquets might be in my wheelhouse as well but the local stringer seems to think I’m wrong. In any event, I’m not on my way to finding a replacement for my vintage Dunlops.

Tennisnerd May 9, 2019 - 08:37

Thanks for the update. I like the Clash Tour a lot personally, but it is quite a step from the Revelation Tour. Did you try the new Dunlop CX 200?

Mark Nagy May 12, 2019 - 03:12

The thought had crossed my mind to try the Dunlop CX 200. Now I feel a tad dumb because I wrote it off thinking the stiffness was higher than I was looking for. I am going to have to give it due consideration now that I have looked at the numbers again. Of course, the 18×20 vs 16×19 string pattern decision comes into play. But I have never really been a big spin monster anyway having grown up learning classical shots and hitting with a fairly flat eastern forehand grip. I think it’s a great suggestion Jonas. I’m probably not going to rule out trying a Clash either. My curiosity has got the better of me on that racquet.

Mark Nagy May 13, 2019 - 14:28

Thanks for the recommendation of the Dunlop CX 200. I’ve looked at the specs again and can’t believe I crossed it off my list. I wrote down the wrong stiffness rating for it on my initial cut list. I think it would be worth a try. That brings with it a choice of string pattern. Since I have more classical shots I don’t generate tons of spin and hit flatter anyways. Hmmm, something else to work on probably.

I think the Clash racquets are still going to be worth a try also. I really think I’m on the right track and the right combination of strings and racquet is going to lead to that “Aha” moment.
Strings under consideration are Isospeed Control Classic and Ashaway Monogut ZX, or perhaps a blend of the 2 as a hybrid. I think these will help me dial in the control and drop the extra power I seem to be getting from a full bed of Head Reflex MLT in the Allwood.
I’m enjoying the experience and I’m sure I’ll find a racquet that suites my game with the right blend of control and power that has some amount of forgiveness given my age.

Just my thoughts and thanks for bringing up the Dunlop CX 200 Jonas.

Don June 9, 2019 - 17:52

Great site Tennis nerd!
I am a 4.5 player and mostly lay doubles. Take long strokes and love to hit hard. I am looking for a stick that will put more pop on my serves and control on my back hand slice. I play about 3 times a week. Currently using the wilson Burn 100. I am 60 years old and in great condition. I was once on the Head teaching pro team and enjoyed the radical for many years before switching to the Burn. Thank you for any guidance you may offer. Keep up the good work!

Tennisnerd June 9, 2019 - 19:02

Thanks Don! I think you could try the Wilson Ultra Tour 95 CV (or Wilson Burn 95 CV) – this one offers a great slice and more pop on serves!

Mark October 8, 2019 - 01:32

Hello Tennisnerd, what rackets do you recommend?I’m a 3.5 top spinner and play all around game in a control style but want just a touch more pop especially on serves. A racket with more touch for volleys would be nice too. I currently play with Dunlop precision 98 tour that has poly strings at 58 lbs. So I’m not used to any kind of flex. However I’m very interested in the prince phantom rackets. I’m assuming that comfort in a racket is good and that I will learn play with comfortable rackets. Your thoughts?

Tennisnerd October 9, 2019 - 08:14

Hi Mark,
The Prince Phantom will be quite flexy for your game and they are not that easy to use. I would recommend you to check out the Prince Textreme Tour 310. That is an excellent frame with good touch and comfort and still not a noodle-like flex.

Regards / J

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Arun November 14, 2019 - 10:06

Hai, I am a national level player, age 27. I was a top 100 player. I played 1 ITF in 2017. I would like to be a prpfessional player. I play good in doubles too. I am a player who plays a touch game, use lots of slice backhands and volleys and baseline game. I enjoy feel and maneuverability. Right now im playing with Wilson prostaff 97 with leather grip and a total of 6 grams in 3 and 9 ‘O’ clock, bcoz i dont like the stock form.I played with it for more than 1 year and it feels little heavy for me. I used to play with wilson kfactor 90 320g in my junior days and wilson prostaff 90 339g 2 years ago. Also i tried wilson prostaff 95 for 2 years (between 2012 and 2014). I like to play with small headsize rackets. I would like to buy a new racket. I looking forward to buy Head Graphene Touch Prestige Mid 93 320g.
Please give me a suggestion or help me buy a new racket.

Tennisnerd November 14, 2019 - 14:56

Hi Arun,
I offer a detailed racquet and string advice service in the Tennisnerd Shop. Please consider that if you need more detailed advice.

Regarding mids, I would really recommend the Prince Phantom Pro 93P 18×20. It is the best one on the market in my opinion.

Talking about HEAD mids, a new HEAD Prestige Mid comes out in early January. I am testing it right now and I am enjoying it.

Good luck / Jonas

Arun November 15, 2019 - 05:43

Thank you Jonas

Robert James February 9, 2020 - 20:53

Dear Jonas,
I’ve played quite a lot of racket and ball sports to a good level (cricket and squash to county level). However I’ve never really played tennis aside from messing around. My wife used to play a lot as a junior and Over the last couple of months we have both started playing regularly (5+ times/week).
I am currently using a Dunlop Aerogel 500 which I bought very cheaply ten years ago. My wife has a Dunlop Attack which is even older.
I hit the ball with good power and pretty heavy topspin on my forehand and have a neat sliced backhand (from squash). I am developing a proper topspin OHBH. I’ve been asked to play for one of the lower club teams so that’s currently my level (probably 3.5-4.0). I volley well and aggressively. My first serve is very inconsistent but pretty powerful and I am developing a kick second serve.
My major problem is control and consistency. I often hit the ball long. I like the feel of my racket in my hand but have been told to consider upgrading by some of the club coaches.
I was wondering if you could suggest something that would work well? I’ve thought about the Babolat Pure Strike but am not tied to any racket or brand And would love your input. It’s very difficult to find rackets to demo where I live.
My wife hits quite flat on her forehand and has a nice THBH with some spin. She’s definitely a baseliner. Her major problem is a tendency to hit into the net. I was wondering if you could give some suggestions for her too?
Thank you for your time.

Tennisnerd February 10, 2020 - 15:37

Hi Robert,
This sounds more like you need a racquet consultation: https://tennisnerd.net/product/consultation-racquet-and-string-advice

Regards / Jonas

Tanase February 23, 2020 - 22:02

Hey, Jonas I’m a 19 year old looking to get my first ATP point this year. I’ve been using the Pure Aero Tour for some time now but I feel like I want more control on my shots.Before this I have also tried the Pure Strike 16-19 Wimbledon edition but I wasn’t really impressed by it. I want to find something that has a perfect balance between spin & control. I wanted to know your opinion on the Head Speed Tour and how much different it is from Djokovic’s actual raqcet and how it compares to the Pure Aero Tour.Unfortunately my capital isn’t very big and I want to make the right choice the first time. Thank you in advance.

Tennisnerd February 25, 2020 - 08:04

The Pure Aero Tour is a power monster, if you want a similar level of spin with better control you should check out the Pure Aero VS Tour instead.

The Speed Pro is very different from what Djokovic uses. I would not recommend anyone on a lower level than Djokovic to play with his racquet (and I own one of his old racquets!).

I think the HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed MP or Pro could be interesting. Best if you can demo the racquet first.

Good luck on getting that first ATP point! Cheers / Jonas

Rizal Pahlevi April 12, 2020 - 06:50

I’m from Indonesia. Sorry i’ve a bad english. I’m a intermediate tennis player, i’ve play tennis about 3 and a half years. Now i already use Head Instinct Graphene MP 300g. But i’ve struggle when i hit the ball with power. I think i am an attacking play minded mentality player with little bit flatter shot. I want to change a new racket that fit with mw game play. So what racket should i buy for? Note: i’m a big fan of Roger Federer.

Tennisnerd April 13, 2020 - 06:34

Good options:
Tecnifibre TF40
Wilson Blade 98 V7 16×19

Good luck / J

Tom May 26, 2020 - 11:51

Hi Jonas, thanks for the amazing site, I’ve learnt loads from your articles here. I’m hoping you can help me with some advice on a new racket! I’m 33 and only started tennis 6 years ago and have started playing more regularly and competitively in the low leagues of competitive club tennis in the UK. I play a mix of singles and doubles, hitting a ‘modern’ topspin baseline game with (I think) a semi-western grip, catching people off-guard with a powerful (for my standard) topspin double-handed backhand which I’m learning to mix up with a slice single-handed backhand or drop shot and a fairly full forehand swing, average-to-fast swing speed (way faster and more topspin than almost all the people I play against with old-fashioned ‘flat’ shots but I’m obviously not even a county-level player, let alone a pro!) I’m also working hard to improve my net game now I’m playing competitive doubles. Typically I hit lots of topspin winners and am fit enough to get to most shots around the court but I am not consistent enough and have to contain my power and am constantly having to ‘dial back’ the power of my shots to keep the ball in consistently. I also feel I struggle with reaction time at the net (though appreciate this partly comes with better prediction from experience playing doubles). Last September I got tendonitis in the wrist on my forehand (probably from over-doing it and playing 5 times a week) so stopped playing, did Physio for months and have slowly re-started and my wrist is much better, but I want to make sure my choice of new racket helps this. I also think I would benefit from more ‘control’ as I don’t need any more power than my current specs but ideally want to improve shot accuracy and consistency as much as possible and am happy to sacrifice power as I feel I can generate this myself. Not sure if I’m understanding the terms correctly and whether consistency = control though!

Current racket is a (slightly broken) Head Youtek Speed Tour – 100in Head, 16 x 19, 285g, 330m balance, 22mm beam – not at all married to this racket, these specs or Head rackets, it’s just what I could find a few year’s back that seemed to match ‘intermediate’ specs at a decent price locally.

I’m thinking 97-100in head – maybe 97 for a little more control – but wonder if this will make my shots even less consistent? Maybe an 18×20 string pattern for more control, slightly heavier 285-300g, similar HL (or even more head light), similar beam.

I can’t find anywhere near me (Oxfordshire UK) that does racket demos (even without the Covid-19 pandemic) but would love to try first if you or your community has any recommendations.

At your recommendation I’m considering a Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 or a Head Gravity MP but also really like the sound of Angell rackets from your reviews and would love to support them if you think my needs can match their offerings, I was guessing an RC97 18 x 20 – but am conscious I’m not a pro that is fixed on their exact setup and need some advice first.

What do you think? I’m open to any suggestions and advice you’d be happy to share!

Tom May 26, 2020 - 11:56

Hi Jonas, thanks for the amazing site, I’ve learnt loads from your articles here. I’m hoping you can help me with some advice on a new racket! I’m 33 and only started tennis 6 years ago and have started playing more regularly and competitively in the low leagues of competitive club tennis in the UK. I play a mix of singles and doubles, hitting a ‘modern’ topspin baseline game with (I think) a semi-western grip, catching people off-guard with a powerful (for my standard) topspin double-handed backhand which I’m learning to mix up with a slice single-handed backhand or drop shot and a fairly full forehand swing, average-to-fast swing speed. I’m also working hard to improve my net game now I’m playing competitive doubles. Typically I hit lots of topspin winners and am fit enough to get to most shots around the court but I am not consistent enough and have to contain my power and am constantly having to ‘dial back’ the power of my shots to keep the ball in consistently. I also feel I struggle with reaction time at the net (though appreciate this partly comes with better prediction from experience playing doubles). Last September I got tendonitis in the wrist on my forehand (probably from over-doing it and playing 5 times a week) so stopped playing, did Physio for months and have slowly re-started and my wrist is much better, but I want to make sure my choice of new racket helps this. I also think I would benefit from more ‘control’ as I don’t need any more power than my current specs but ideally want to improve shot accuracy and consistency as much as possible and am happy to sacrifice power as I feel I can generate this myself. Not sure if I’m understanding the terms correctly and whether consistency = control though!

Current racket is a (slightly broken) Head Youtek Speed Tour – 100in Head, 16 x 19, 285g, 330m balance, 22mm beam – not at all married to this racket, these specs or Head rackets, it’s just what I could find a few year’s back that seemed to match ‘intermediate’ specs at a decent price locally.

I’m thinking 97-100in head – maybe 97 for a little more control – but wonder if this will make my shots even less consistent? Maybe an 18×20 string pattern for more control, slightly heavier 285-300g, similar HL (or even more head light), similar beam.

I can’t find anywhere near me (Oxfordshire UK) that does racket demos (even without the Covid-19 pandemic) but would love to try first if you or your community has any recommendations.

At your recommendation I’m considering a Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 or a Head Gravity MP but also really like the sound of Angell rackets from your reviews and would love to support them if you think my needs can match their offerings, I was guessing an RC97 18 x 20 – but am conscious I’m not a pro that is fixed on their exact setup and need some advice first.

What do you think? I’m open to any suggestions and advice you’d be happy to share!

Tennisnerd May 26, 2020 - 12:10

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your message and I’m happy that you’re enjoying the site. To keep the site alive, I offer a consultation service: https://tennisnerd.net/product/consultation-racquet-and-string-advice

I get so many requests for advice, that I need to prioritize either Tennisnerd members or consultations at the moment. Without this kind of income, the site won’t be able to stay alive.

I hope you understand. Regards / J

Tennisnerd May 27, 2020 - 05:07

My general recommendation would be to try a more forgiving and softer racquet. The HEAD Gravity MP fits that bills nicely together with the Prince Phantom 100X 305.

Tom June 2, 2020 - 08:26

Thanks for the recommendation and sorry for the wall of text – didn’t realise how much there was when writing it. Just to clarify, is the Head Gravity MP just an abbreviation for the “Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP”? Just want to check as these companies love a confusing model code. Thanks again for your advice!

Tennisnerd June 4, 2020 - 06:05

Yes, just an abbreviation!

Tennistatane June 6, 2022 - 11:48

Hello Jonas,
thanks for your great contents !
I’m a 25 years 5.0 player and I use to play with power friendly racquet like Pure aero, Ezone etc. (300g)
I have a powerful forehand and a one-handed backhand.
yet, when I play against better player, the intensity is high and it’s more difficult to be more precise, so I don’t get the control that I want sometimes. But if I take more controlled racquet, I would hit lower heavy balls and I would be more difficult for me to keep my level (less power)… Have you some advices ?
And also, what is your own tennis level ?


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