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Personal consultation via e-mail

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The world of tennis racquets and strings is vast. It is, quite frankly, a jungle out there. And playing with the right setup can not only bring you better results, make you more confident, but also save you from tennis elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries. That is why a lot of players invest both time and money into finding the right racquet and string.

We have consulted hundreds of players and helped them choose the right gear for them. And we are so sure that you will appreciate our advice that we will give you a money-back guarantee.  If you aren’t satisfied with our consultation, we send you your money back.

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The world of tennis racquets and strings is vast. It is, quite frankly, a jungle out there. And playing with the right setup can not only bring you better results, make you more confident, but also save you from tennis elbow, wrist and shoulder injuries. That is why a lot of players invest both time and money into finding the right racquet and string.

We have consulted hundreds of players and helped them choose the right gear for them. And we are so sure that you will appreciate our advice that we will give you a money-back guarantee.  If you aren’t satisfied with our consultation, we send you your money back.

  1. Make a payment below
  2. Fill in the form here
  3. You will get an e-mail with your recommendations within 3 working days.

Contact us here if you have any issues.

What is your playing level? You can reference the NTRP scale from 1 (beginner) to 7 (pro)
What is your main style of stroke for the forehand?
Do you use one or two hands on the backhand?
What is your main shot? What do you feel most confident hitting?
How do win points? What are some shortcomings in your game currently?
Please include full model name, string name and tension. Also, add if the racquet is customized in any way.
What are you looking to improve in your racquet setup?
Do you have tennis elbow, shoulder pain or a sore wrist? Please describe
Do you want to add anything that might help you find the right racquet for your game?

94 reviews for Personal consultation via e-mail

  1. Anton (verified owner)

    Really appreciate advices given by Jonas. All aspects of my game and preferences were taken into account. Really helpful tool, especially when you can’t demo all the racquets. Recommended.

  2. Kevin

    The advices given by Jonas were very detailed and provided me with lots to think about. Really helpful feature since it helps a lot with trial and error when it comes to string setup and racquet customisation. Highly recommended if you’re someone who likes to be hands on with your approach to the game.

  3. Adam Cousins

    Fast response and detailed, sensible advise from Jonas. The recommendations will save a lot of trial and error, and worth it to avoid spending a lot of money on demoing the wrong frames – given the additional advise on string setups, I think this service is good value as well.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Jonas responded with a detailed analysis on racquet and string recommendations for me within 24 hours. He also responded to my follow up questions quickly too. As a bonus he also offered string and racquet customization for my current setup. As a second bonus he included a pdf of my input and his responses. Having Jonas’s advice has really made me more confident in choosing a racquet. This service is definitely a worthwhile investment.

  5. Billy

    Really, really beneficial and useful information provided by Jonas. He responded very quickly and the information he gave was exactly what i was looking for. The suggestions are helpful and one can avoid having to pay and demo rackets until you find the right one. Highly recommend!

  6. Rafal

    Professional service. I saved a lot of time and money. The racquet is perfectly matched! This service is definitely a worthwhile investment.
    Great work Jonas! Thank you!

  7. Boris (verified owner)

    Great advice provided by Jonas to help me select a racquet to complement my game. He’s one of the most knowledgeable guy around when it comes down to frame selection and customisation. He got back to me very quickly after I filled in the form, and made very sensible and pointed suggestions. Also, he kindly followed up on my subsequent questions to help me refine the best specs. I highly recommend this service. It is money well spent, considering the cost of buying a racquet if it doesn’t suit one’s game.

  8. Matthew

    My first racket purchase was a disaster. An impulse purchase blind in a tennis store when I had no idea about anything and had just started playing again. Fast forward a year and it was time for a change. This time to a frame much more appropriate to my game. I like to do research, and had done some myself on my possible options, but couldn’t be sure I was on to the right thing as I haven’t been playing again for that long and lets be honest, it’s a bit of a minefield with all the terms and variables. Was I using the terms correctly? Were my judgements based on my goals and current technique appropriate?

    Jonas was excellent in reassuring me that they were, and in filling in gaps where I had next to no knowledge. He gave me the confidence to demo a couple of rackets, one of which I have just ordered and am very pleased with. He responded very promptly with a detailed breakdown of the technical areas we were looking at and what he believed would work for me and wouldn’t. He outlined several options for both racket and string. He also answered my follow up questions very quickly.

    I would heartily recommend the service. It is worth getting a decision like this right, and expert knowledge like Jonas’ is invaluable. Better that than wasting money and precious development time on a dud – as I can attest!

  9. Denver Smith

    Get a review, just do it, it’s fun and very informative. Maybe you are like me, I’ve tried a ton of rackets, maybe 10 last year and I’ve tried multiple string setups, so I might, incorrectly, think I know it all or am above advice. Jonas quickly and concisely offered up more than 5 setups that I haven’t tried yet and I am sure will be worth sampling.

  10. Rafael (verified owner)

    Jonas, besides being considerate, has great knowledge about rackets. My biggest problem with my old racket was the lack of feel. he made sure recommendations, and the first recommendation was precisely the one that best suited my game. worth the investment!

  11. Riley (verified owner)

    I was looking for a racket that would allow me to more freely hit a heavier ball. I am sure like many of you finding the right racket and string setup can be daunting and frustrating. Jonas offered 5 racket setups with some different strings then I had been trying and sure enough I am now using one of the setups he recommended. If you are looking for a new racket use his service. He does great and efficient work!

  12. Jack (verified owner)

    Jonas’ consultation was very timely and informative, and I really like the frame he recommended for me. Highly recommend this advice – few others could give you this kind of insight from having tried and experimented with so many rackets, strings, etc. over the years. Plus unlike some other types of reviews you may find, he doesn’t have any kind of bias and also is a great player himself. Thanks Jonas!

  13. Jelle (verified owner)

    Jonas got back to me really quickly with striking racquet and string recommendations. He really adds knowledge into his recommendations and is very open and quick to responding to further questions about his information. He really saved me a lot of time and effort in my search for a new frame. Definitely worth your money, service highly recommended!

  14. Evan

    If you are a member of the tennis nerdom, you probably already know that Jonas delivered nothing but he best recommendations. Due to the pandemic, I was channeling all of my tennis energy into researching racquets to replace my current VCore Pro. I mentioned in the form that I am still new to the game and VCore Pro feels too difficult to use. Jonas read me like a book and correctly guessed that I was in danger of overcompensating and looking too much into powerful racquets like the Pure Drive. I also really appreciated that he is not avert to answering follow up questions with the same attention to detail as his recommendations. He could’ve just went, Want more power? Pure drive. Want more control? ProStaff. NEXT! Instead, he really shows that he sincerely cares about you and your game (and your arm health). For the same price it would cost you to demo 3 or 4 racquets with questionable maintenance quality and end up unhappy with all of them, Jonas will save you all the trouble and narrow your search down to 3 racquets with their best string pairing. If he wasn’t set on calling himself the Tennisnerd, he should have named himself the TennisSommelier.

  15. Ann (verified owner)

    Tennis is a complicated sport. But, choosing the right racquet is even more complicated. There are simply too many variables to consider like stiffness, head size, swing weight, power, balance, stability etc. and that doesn’t even include the strings! I am an experienced player but I did not have the expertise nor experience to help my college playing daughter choose a new frame after she came home with two cracked frames (discontinued models). Having a knowledgeable and thoughtful advisor is the only way to go! Tennisnerd is the place to go for great racquet selection advice. Jonas was so prompt and so thorough. He offered advice about frames, strings, and customizations, and he even predicted correctly which frame my daughter would prefer — all by email. He takes playing preferences and arm health into consideration. He even noticed that her previous string tension was high. He also took the time to answer my numerous follow-up questions. We could have researched and demo’d racquets and strings for months. But now, because of the wonderful Tennisnerd consultation service, my daughter is already back on the court enjoying her new frame. Thank you Tennisnerd!

  16. Michael Fontaine

    I would highly recommend this service if you are on the fence about it. Jonas got back to me right away and provided me with quality information that made sense. It was clear from the start that Jonas really cares about giving people the best possible recommendations for rackets based on your type of game! Not only this, but I emailed him after the initial consultation asking a few more questions and he got right back to me! The customer service was excellent, the information was outstanding, and Jonas is quite simply a good person.

  17. Joakim Hermansson

    I have just bought and played with the racquet that was recommended for me and it was a really really good match. I wanted something to be easier on my shoulder, easier to handle at the net and give me good control. The racquet and string combination Jonas provided helped improve all of the above. The racquet feels great and I can’t wait to get back on the courts. I really appreciated the explanation for why a certain racquet and strings would be suiting as well.

  18. Josiah Goh (verified owner)

    Jonas has provided great insights with regards to the racquet and string recommendations. He is able to understand my different requirements and offer appropriate recommendations to maximise my strengths and minimise my weaknesses. His explanation is easy to understand. Customer service was prompt and excellent.

  19. Brad (verified owner)

    Tennis has so many choices and can become very complicated. Choosing a raquet is one such choice in tennis that can be confusing. I really enjoyed the guideance provided by Tennisnerd’s consultation service. It was quick and easy to complete. Thank you for helping with the choice!

  20. Michal

    Excellent! Really good advices/recommendation how to setup or choose the stick.

  21. Oliver

    Perfect service and individual advisory, thanks to Jonas! Lots of nice rackets to demo 😉


    Fast and friendly advise that I could use to help fine tune my racquet. The price is very low for the service, I would certainly recommend to anybody who is torn between various frames or strings.
    thanks again Jonas,

  23. Jonathan

    Jonas was so helpful and kind.
    He provided a detailed response that gave me insight about what racquet would be best for my game.
    Calmed me down after a bit of a panic!

  24. Jason (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking to upgrade to a new racquet for the last year and have been difficulty with the many choices available in the market. Looking online is difficult by just reading reviews and I’ve spoken to my stringer who was limited by the racquets in his shop and did not offer any detailed advice. What Jonas is offering is something concrete. After answering all the questions about my game, I received an email a couple days later with several racquet recommendations along with advice on string setup. Each recommendation came with a thorough explanation of how it would fit my game. Highly recommended.

  25. Jack Holden

    Great service, helped me massively when looking for a new racket.

  26. Matthew (verified owner)

    I have been reading a lot about tennis rackets recently trying to decide on a new frame but there are so many different frames and versions it’s very difficult to narrow down. Jonas new about my current racket and gave some options for new rackets to try based on my playing style. All the rackets were slightly different and he explained well what the differences meant in terms of playability and what other options there were if I wanted more weight etc. Additionally, he gave string suggestions for each racket including tensions. Overall, a great service. Thank you Jonas.

  27. Andrew (verified owner)

    To Jonas, sorry for the late review, classes + COVID kept me from playtesting the recommended rackets for a number of months, and I didn’t want to write a review without trying out at least a few of the recommendations.

    Now that I’ve gotten around to it, I can really say that he gave solid recommendations, along with recommended string pairings. Jonas was willing to answer a few follow-up questions by email as well, and so far the rackets I’ve tried have all been in my wheelhouse, and all were great sticks that any player with my skill level and style could hit well with. For $20, the service was worth it.

  28. Dean (verified owner)

    This is a good service. Jonas gave his recommendations and the logic behind them. Don’t try to do all this yourself. There are too many racquets and too many strings. I wish I could have had this service years ago.

  29. Christian Frixou

    After discovering the site and watching a number of reviews it’s really obvious Jonas knows his stuff when it comes to rackets so I was very keen to hear his recommendations as to what would suit my game. There are so many choices out there and so many different factors to consider but thankfully the whole process of replacing my 8 year old racket has just been massively simplified.

  30. Charles

    Very helpful and well thought through advice. Can highly recommend this service since it’s detailed and personal from racquet to string to tension. Thank you Jonas for guiding me through the tennis jungle.

  31. Josh (verified owner)

    Jonas has a very solid understanding of the wide variety of racquets available in today’s marketplace as well as an understanding of why a player may choose one racquet over another. Thanks!

  32. Lan (verified owner)

    Jonas obviously knows his stuff. He gives very detailed suggestions based on deep analysis of information provided. I was particularly impressed by the amount of considerations he put into the racquet selections. Not only did he give three racquet suggestions to begin with, he also provides possible alternatives depending on specific preferences. I have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options and marketing nonsense for a long time. Consulting Jonas was very rewarding, and I would certainly suggest anyone looking for a racquet to purchase his service.

  33. Justin Saj (verified owner)

    I have been searching for the right racquet for years. Jonas’s blend of expertise, analysis of my game and racquet preferences resulted in helping me find a range of racquets that really suit my game.
    The best part is now I know the type of setup that really makes sense for me. I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you Jonas.

  34. Greg

    Jonas helped me a ton with my quest in finding a new racquet. He is super responsive, gave me four options and string recommendations and sorted them from most to least powerful, he also gave me exact explanations of which racket/ combo will do for me. I got a free stringing advice for old racquet of mine as well, which is great. It saved me tons of hours of searching time. I recommend him to everyone. My coach is a little mad at me for not asking her for advice but it was definitely worth it 🙂 Thank you Jonas!

  35. Rui Alves (verified owner)

    The response was quick with several racket options with the respective string alternatives for each.
    The various proposals were presented with the rationale and their purpose.

    Jonas was always available to answer any additional questions.

    Definitely worth your money, service highly recommended!

  36. Ethan (verified owner)

    I had a terrific experience with this. As all the other reviews point out, the information Jonas provided was incredibly detailed and personalized, which is awesome.

    I want to point out though just how communicative Jonas is. I realized I had left out some key details in my form, so I emailed them separately, and Jonas responded so quickly saying he’d include that in his evaluation. And then after I got my form I sent a follow-up question and within a day or so got a detailed reply. I think a lot of other people (especially with the level of content he puts out) would have just sent me my PDF and have been done with it, but Jonas took the time to clarify and expand on things I wasn’t sure about.

    Seriously, the value you get for just 20 euro is unbelievable. If you’re on the fence, do it, you won’t regret it!

  37. Erik (verified owner)

    Jonas is friendly and service minded. He gave me good advice and some very interesting options to try out. It’s a jungle out there so narrowing the options down by having this consultation is highly recommended.

  38. Neil Sutherland (verified owner)

    I didn’t end up with the racquets Jonas suggested but it sure got me pointed in the right direction. String options are so difficult also with so many options, Jonas again had great suggestion for me and I ended up going with those. The racquet I ended up with, was very similar to what was suggested, my arm and shoulder are eternally grateful – great service 🙂

  39. Tim (verified owner)

    Such a useful service. It’s an absolute minefield choosing a racquet, so having Jonas give some personalised advice was really helpful. It’s amazing what he can glean from some pretty straightforward questions.
    Jonas recommended me the Head Gravity MP because it wasn’t such a step up in weight from the really light Wilson I’d been playing with. I actually tried out a Gravity Pro and loved that version, so I got one of those in the end – I’m pretty fit and used to carrying my two year old around, so the added weight doesn’t seem to be an issue! Couldn’t be happier with the racquet; it’s given me so much more control on my shots and confidence swinging through the ball without clearing the back of the court. Thanks Jonas!

  40. Dan (verified owner)

    Clear and helpful review / gave me options but also steered me towards the right racquet and strings. It’s now been ordered!

  41. Robert James (verified owner)

    Really thoughtful and detailed recommendations received on time. Rapid reply to a follow up e-mail looking to clarify a minute point.
    I’m in the process of implementing the recommendations and will update as and when I’ve done so.

  42. Daniel (verified owner)

    Jonas replied in less than 24 hours with a detailed recommendation. He also provided suggestions where and how to demo the recommended rackets. You have to love this guy for his knowledge and passion for tennis!

  43. Sundar (verified owner)

    I was not too sure at first since being a TennisNerd I think I know it all. However I think its a great website so thought will try the consultation.
    Well I think Jonas read my assesment of myself and gave a few shorlisted racquets. Some I would not look at normally.
    Jonas replied very promptly and responded to questions quickly and knows what he talking about, a welome change to the usual salesman banter.
    If your looking for the holy grail then you will be searching for ever however at least you get close with the right stick.
    Keep up the good work.

  44. Brendan Cullen (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with Jonas’s racket reviews, so figured I’d try the racket consultation. I was not disappointed! Jonas provided a great deal of nuance in his analysis and recommendations. Not only did he provide rackets to try in my spec range (swing weight, balance, flex, head size, etc.), but he also gave relative comparisons between each and tradeoffs to consider which is extremely helpful. I ultimately went with his top recommendation of the Angell K7 Red and I love it. It is everything he claimed and very well suited for my game. Now that I can’t complain about the bow, I need to improve the archer! Thanks so much Jonas!

  45. Mark G (verified owner)

    This is a great service! Thoughtful, personalized advice from a true expert. Highly recommend.

  46. Ken Brewster (verified owner)

    Absolutely priceless. There are so many racquets & strings out there and for every model you look at there will be someone telling you it is the best one to get.
    I found this service gave me considered, informed opinion & advice which cut my wealth of options down to a handful of relevant options which I have proceeded to demo.
    I highly recommend it.

  47. Ashton Macaulay (verified owner)

    Fast response, great service.

  48. Josh Kaiser (verified owner)

    The tennis racket consultation service is excellent. I enjoy research and had already narrowed down my tennis racket options before contacting Jonas. Even so, I found his recommendations extremely helpful. He mentioned a few rackets that I had already assumed might be good options (which was helpful), but also mentioned a few other rackets that I had not previously considered (which was also helpful). He is knowledgeable, quick to respond and has a real passion for helping people enjoy tennis. I also appreciated his advice about string options. I’ve now hit with three out of the four racket options he gave me and see the merits of each (although I’m leaning toward one option over the others). This is definitely a service I would recommend to others, whether you have already done some of your own research or whether you have no idea where to start.

  49. Vincent (verified owner)

    Great and fast feedback. I can only recommend this service. Keep up the good work!

  50. Herbert V.

    I’m very satisfied with the suggestions Jonas gave me. I did a lot of research before deciding to pay for this service and I had a few racquets in mind. I now realize some of my own choices were based off of what I THOUGHT i played like, and Jonas really took into account the information I gave him. I’ll be trying the suggestions out for me in the next few days to see what suits me best. I’m very happy to make this extra investment because I plan to own this upcoming racquet for many years to come. Jonas presented the information in a professional manner and also in a timely manner. A+ once again.

  51. Peter E (verified owner)

    Knowledgable and personalized advice, highly recommended. Thank you Jonas !

  52. Stephan (verified owner)

    The service Jonas provides is great. He answered very quickly and on the basis of the information I gave him regarding my game and the sticks I had in mind, he gave me great advice on raquets and strings to demo. Since there are some raquets you cannot demo, his input on some of these smaller brands like Angell or TenX is also extremely valuable. Thanks Jonas 😀

  53. Elliott (verified owner)

    Super fast and helpful feedback from the team – would definitely recommend this service before trialling a bunch of racquets on the court

  54. Carlo (verified owner)

    Excellent consultation, Jonas provided me exactly what I was looking for and he clearly understood what my game needed as several of his recommendations lined up with suggestions I had from other racquet aficionados and my own research, all without ever seeing me play! Response was timely and well worth the money, thank you Jonas!

  55. Tarek (verified owner)

    Super fast and even more helpful, Jonas’ recommendations are brilliant. He understood exactly what I was looking for and gave me a really good feel for each of the racquets he recommended. This is a massively helpful and personalised service that I’ll definitely use again. Thanks Jonas!

  56. Joe (verified owner)

    Fast and helpful! Really felt like Jonas understood what I was looking for and gave me several great recommendations. I’ll definitely be recommending this service to my tennis buddies.

  57. Patrick Iwanicki

    I was most impressed with the consultation I received from Jonas and only regret I did not illicit his insights years earlier. The report I received was provided in a timely manner and offered a range of suggestions that were thoughtfully coupled with string options, tensions and sound reasoning behind his picks. Subsequently I have demoed a stick that he suggested, but would never have personally considered, and it looks like I may have a new addition to my bag. Further, I have subscribed to his Patreon and have found the content to be of high quality and well worth it

  58. Robert James (verified owner)

    As promised above a follow up to my initial review. I have tried the string that Jonas recommended and it was definitely sound advice, the desired effect has been achieved. I have also finally plucked up the courage to customise my racquets in the way Jonas suggested – I’m quite particular about my equipment and am very aware that I’m not the best at that sort of thing.
    I needn’t have worried, with some additional advice from Jonas I implemented his suggestion and there has been an immediate improvement in the way my racquets play – more stable with a bit more plough. I’m definitely hitting the ball more crisply, especially on my OHBH and at the net.
    I can only reiterate many of the other comments here. Jonas is knowledgable, approachable and rapid with his responses. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs some help with their equipment choices.

  59. Scott MacKie (verified owner)

    After watching Jonas’s very thorough reviews, I decided to give the racquet selection service a try. The questionnaire is more thorough then another service I tried. Jonas responded quickly with “what and why”, and I appreciate the thought he put into his suggestions. Based on my own semi-geeky interest in specs, builds, etc, his recommendations make perfect sense to me, and served as an objective check on my own thought process, with one exception: he pointed me at a brand I had not even considered, and will now add it to my demo list.

  60. Tyler Hayward (verified owner)

    Like many others, after watching many reviews of his and clearly very knowledgeable on the subject, reached out to Jonas for a custom recommendation. He got back within 2 days with 5 very solid recommendations for me really breaking it down and letting me know why I would potentially want one over another including string and tension recommendations. Extremely comprehensive, was very happy to see 3 of those racquets I had on my own short list show up on his as well. Money very well spent, would highly recommend his services if you’re unsure or looking for the next one!

  61. Moses S (verified owner)

    Great Guy, Great Service and Excellent advice. Jonas provided me with what I was looking an with extra food for thought and things to consider. Jonas promised 3 days and delivered after less than 30 hours. Well worth the price, thank you so much Jonas!

  62. Matthew (verified owner)

    Excellent service, with plenty of options to choose from. Many thanks!

  63. Nevin Liauw (verified owner)

    Awesome Service! My recommendation came fast and detailed with options of rackets, their characteristics, attached review links, and the recommended strings and tension. Though unfortunate that demo can’t be done in my country, having an expert list out racquet recommendations is definitely very helpful, especially when there are not many around me that can help advice. Cheers!

  64. Sam (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was hoping for Jonas – thanks so much. Though I had gotten accustomed to my racquet over so many years, it was time to let it go, and I was looking for something very similar with just a touch more weight and launch. With so many products out there, you managed to distill a very manageable list (with string sets). Played with all and found the one that had exactly the slight differences I was looking for. I very much doubt that I would have located that needle in the haystack without your help. Great service – and at a fraction of the cost of a restring no less

  65. Edu (verified owner)

    I loved what I received. Good information straight to the point. I switched racquets and found exactly what I was looking for (and what was described in the recommendation).

  66. Gaetano (verified owner)

    That’s what I needed, thanks Jonas, you confirmed my thoughts and I have now the confidence for my next racket

  67. John Kiddy

    Worth every penny. Jonas really knows his stuff and can tailor his advice to your exact needs. He understands the game, he knows the nuances of rackets and strings, and he is able to focus this knowledge to the individual.
    Can’t recommend highly enough.

  68. James (verified owner)

    Wow what a terrific service. Jonas not only have me a list of possible racquets but also suggested strings and even string tensions that were tailored to my (very) specific comments and requirements. Definitely got my money’s worth!

  69. Dan (verified owner)

    As a new found tennisnerd, I was incredibly grateful for Jonas’ racquet and string consultation service (having never used one before). He took into account all the information I provided and even things I hadn’t thought about!
    The current climate has made it tricky to demo racquets, so I managed to find a couple of used models on eBay which have both immediately improved my game. I just have the tricky task of deciding between the two now. Jonas was responsive to the follow up questions I had and I cannot recommend the service more.

    Thanks again!

  70. Tomas

    Fast response and detailed list of possible racquets and strings from Jonas. I followed the recommendation and I´m very happy with my new racquet.
    Thanks a lot.

  71. Christian

    I found the perfect racket for my style with the consultation. If you combine the consultation with a few demo rackets at your club, you will find the best racket for you! eur20 is definitely worth it! improved my game!

  72. Lars

    Very helpful consultation. You can get pretty lost with all the raquets, string patterns, strings and modifications. I knew I was on the right path but the sheer amount of possibilities makes it hard to focus on 3-4 key setups. This is what I am doing now and that is helping me focus. Highly recommended!

  73. Dustin Cox

    As someone who has jumped around from racquet to racquet and checked out many demos from my local tennis shop, I really didn’t know which racquet I wanted to move forward with. I made a list or the top 5 I think I wanted to switch to. I filled out the form Jonas has on tennisnerd to ask for his expertise on making a choice. After he read my information, he came back with exactly what I was thinking, which helped confirm my choices. I will definitely be making a decision from his suggestions, just waiting to demo the Yonex Vcore 98 he just reviewed on his YouTube channel. Weather you’re someone who doesn’t know anything about tennis equipment or you are someone who does, but are just having a hard time deciding, I highly recommend reaching out to Jonas to help.


    Dustin Cox

  74. Peer Illner (verified owner)

    Really useful service! I got my list of detailed racquet and string recommendations within two days and Jonas kindly responded to all my follow-up questions. It really helps to narrow down your search for a new racquet.

  75. Marzooq (verified owner)

    The service was great and very detailed. The report really addressed my requirements and took into account my wrist injury. Would definitely recommend this consultation service. Thank you Jonas

  76. Daniela Chaves (verified owner)

    The recommendations from Jonas were really good and well balanced, he gave me different options taking into account my game style. Jonas respondes really fast and I appreciate he answer my follow up questions in the same well developed and fast way. Thank you so much, I will recommend this.

  77. Christopher

    Jonas provided very solid advice. Excited to try it out. It’s for sure worth the money and the experience was professional and personal from start to finish.

  78. Johannes (verified owner)

    Good and personalised advice. Enquiries are also answered in a very timely and uncomplicated manner. Very good for the price. Suitable for both the inexperienced and the experienced. Thank you very much.

  79. Preeti (verified owner)

    Jonas really knows his stuff, and surprisingly knows a lot about you from the small bit of info. you share with him. His communication is warm, insightful, specific, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. He avoids jargon, and looks at you with a coaches eye and heart. Thanks so much!

  80. Tom Cai

    Very helpful advice! Good price for such professional consultation! Definitely will recommend this to my friends. Thank you very much indeed!

  81. Berend

    Jonas gave me excellent advice and he clearly knows a lot about the theory (and practice) of choosing a suitable racket/string. Due to Covid, I wasn’t allowed to test rackets and the €20 consultation is clearly value for money. Also important: Jonas responds quickly and professionally.

  82. TS (verified owner)

    Jonas gave detailed, tailored feedback and offered a variety of options to try out, including some rackets I hadn’t considered on my own. I ended up purchasing one of the rackets he suggested, and it was not the one I thought I would prefer, which just goes to show his depth of knowledge and expertise. With so many rackets out there in similar spec ranges, I found his recommendations really valuable and consider the 20 EUR well-spent.

  83. Daniel (verified owner)

    Really impressed by the high detailed consultation and great insight! Ended up me changing my racket of choice, and both having more fun and playing better on court!

  84. Mike Wang (verified owner)

    I used to play competitively as a junior player, but never paid that much attention to my equipment. I was sponsored by Price so just picked whatever racquet of theirs felt best and then played with cheap synthetic gut. 20 years later, I’m getting back into the game and found it impossible to navigate how demo racquets were feeling and what impact string, tension, and customizations were having on my experience with the racquets. This consultation has been invaluable in giving reducing the number of options I’ll need to go through (especially with string options) and has easily saved me at least a couple hundred dollars on trying out different string combinations and tensions. I am now a full tennisnerd (was always a regular nerd though).

  85. Thiago Prado (verified owner)

    I have been playing tennis for a quite some time, tried almost all of the test rackets that the local store had. But something was off, until I found tennisnerd and Jonas helped me to find the perfect racket and strings for it. He definitely knows his game! Worth every penny.

    Thank you

  86. Brian (verified owner)

    Jonas’ consultation is perfect it if you’re in the market for a new racket, strings, or both. He gave me some helpful suggestions on strings that might help me lower the launch angle on my current frame without putting undue stress on my tennis elbow and also pointed me in the right direction if I do end up switching from a 16×19 frame to a 18×20 frame. Jonas was also quick to answer a few of my follow up questions. Tennisnerd is such a great resource and Jonas’ consultation service goes above and beyond.

  87. John (verified owner)

    What Jonas doesn’t know about tennis racquets is probably not worth knowing. His consultation service is excellent. It will save you hundreds of dollars, euros (or whatever your preferred currency is) from buying the “wrong” racquet or strings. String choice is very important, yet overlooked by the typical recreational / club player. Jonas can help not only people who are relatively new to tennis, but also those who may feel happy with their current racquet yet wonder if there’s a better option for them 🙂

  88. Allen Lee (verified owner)

    Awesome service. I picked up tennis again recently having played a lot in juniors, but never really understood the equipment. Jonas did a great job laying out rackets and the reasons behind them and helped me find the frame I needed. The consultation felt very personal too – high quality and didn’t seem rushed or anything.

  89. Chris (verified owner)

    I contacted Jonas about 2 years when i first started playing tennis for a racquet consult. I had very little knowledge of the intricacies of tennis racquets. Anyway, I experimented with a ton of racquets over the last 2 years. The one he really recommended I give a shot, I actually put off trying. Needless to say, that is the racquet I am using now which is the Ezone (DR 98). This is a great service! He is/was extremely responsive and communicative during and after the process. I would highly recommend his consultation service.

  90. Felix

    Jonas gave me a personal consultation a couple of weeks ago. I have had an old Tecnifibre racket which I really liked but was just a bit too hard on my shoulder. Also I wanted to find a more modern racket. Jonas gave me some really good advice and a lot of options that would fit my style of game. I did have some questions and he was so kind as to reply really quickly and take his time with my questions. I tested all the rackets he recommended and do have to say I now found one that feels amazing: The Tecnifibre TF40 305. Although it is a bit lighter to what I normally play, I think it is an amazing racket. I really appreciate your service Jonas. Keep up the good work

  91. Haris Papanikolaou

    Great advice and in depth knowledge of rackets by Jonas. I was switching from the Babolat Pure Aero to a more control oriented racket including poaaibly the Head Radical, Gravity, Babolat Pure Strike. Jonas also suggested the Technifibre TF40 and I actually eneded up going for that racket.

  92. Philipp K.

    I was away from tennis for a few years and felt my current racquet (Head Radical Tour, Bumblebee) was a bit too demanding right now, so I was looking for a switch.

    From the other reviews I had solid expectations. Jonas surpassed them! Not only did he analyse my preferences and gave in depth advice on racquets I had already in mind, he also added other great options to the list and offered great insight as to why a certain type of racquet would work for my type of play. andy why others would not. Jonas even ranked all options in the order in which he would advise me to test them, something that really helps a lot. The market is flooded with racquet options and it can be difficult to navigate through this jungle. Therefore, I would give Jonas’ consultation my highest recommendation. Easily 5 stars!

  93. Justin (verified owner)

    I had high expectations for this service in light of these glowing reviews. I’m happy to report that Jonas far exceeded them with his insight and professionalism. If you have a passion for tennis and are looking at maximising your racquet’s potential, this is where you should look. 5/5.

  94. Mario (verified owner)

    This is a great service, very good and helpful recommendations. Jonas invests time to find out what your best match would be and gives you the feeling of an independent advisor compared to a salesman who often has limited time or wants you to buy the racquet he wants to sell. I also really liked that Jonas gives different advice on string setups for each racquet he recommends, so you get a complete setup. I enjoy watching the review videos, and it’s also a great way to connect with someone who is really into in tennis.

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