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The Babolat Pure Drive celebrates 30 years

by Jonas Eriksson

The iconic Babolat Pure Drive celebrates 30 years in a couple of days. This racquet was made popular by players like Carlos Moya.

But as you know, Moya is not the only prominent tennis player who has used a Babolat Pure Drive. Just to name a few: Kim Clijsters, Garbine Muguruza, Andy Roddick and Fabio Fognini. Rafa Nadal used the Pure Drive before they made the Aero Pro Drive for him.

Babolat is preparing a launch on the 30th of March, where a new Pure Drive will be released. But will it be a new Pure Drive with NF2 technology like the Aero and Strikes, or will there just be a ceremonial cosmetic? We will know in a few days.

What to expect from the Babolat Pure Drive being 30 years on tour

Most racquet updates are just minor tweaks to existing models, so we should not expect something revolutionary. But I would like to see the Pure Drive get a bit more comfortable, which the NF2 tech did for the Aero series especially.

To see the current model, check out my Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Review. We have also tested the Babolat Pure Drive 98.

First of all, it is a racquet that gives you a lot of free power. So, it can be used by players ranging from intermediates up to the pro level. The stiffness of the racquet provides generous pace, which can be especially useful on serves.

Despite all manufacturers making racquets similar to the Pure Drive, it is still the most popular power racquet on the market. It has built up a heritage and with a strong crop of professionals using it, it kind of sell itself.

I am curious to see what Babolat has cooked up for the 30-year anniversary. Let me know if you’re excited by this in the comments below.

You can check out the Babolat Pure Drive from our friends at Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe (use the code TNERD10 for 10% off) and Tennis Only.

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