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The Wilson Pro Staff 85 is back!

by Jonas Eriksson

Seemingly out of nowhere, a legend returns. The Wilson Pro Staff 85 is back! Sampras, Edberg, Courier, it’s a racquet icon…

The Wilson Pro Staff 85 is back, but for now only with Tennis Warehouse Europe it seems. I stumbled upon this thanks to tip from other fellow tennis nerds via my Instagram. It took me by surprise, but this racquet seems to resurface every ten years or so. Like the HEAD Pro Tour that was re-issued as the HEAD Pro Tour 2.0, this is one of those racquets that deserves a place in every racquet collectors’ bag.

The price is not €199, which is a chunk of money, but less than most modern models. It’s still a fun racquet to use, but it’s not really viable for the modern game. Yes, the feel and control is sensation and Jim Courier could play Western-grip clay court tennis with it, but you don’t have a lot of margin for error. But as a sweet spot tool or training aid to warm up – it’s excellent.

I still have my re-issue from 10 or so years ago, so I’m personally not in need (and I did review the famous St Vincent version here), but I am happy that other tennis nerds get to try this icon in the game.

Wilson Pro Staff 85 Specifications

The specs of the Wilson Pro Staff 85 seem unchanged from previous versions. I haven’t tried this latest re-issue as it just came out, but I would predict it’s the same as the so-called BLX re-issue that I own.

I do regret selling my St Vincent, however, which played even sweeter according to the purists (the difference is not that big if you ask me).

Head Size:85in² / 548cm²
Length: 27in / 68,5cm
Weight: 12.5oz / 354.37g
Unstrung Weight: 12.1oz / 342.5g
Balance: 31cm / 10 pts HL
Unstrung Balance: 30,5cm / 12 pts HL
Swingweight: 321
Stiffness: 62
Beam Width:17mm/17mm/17mm
Composition:Braided Graphite
Racket Colours:Black w/Red&Yellow
Grip Type:Wilson Leather
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T 7H,9H

If you’re interested in adding to your collection, check out the new Pro Staff 85 at Tennis Warehouse Europe.

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António June 14, 2022 - 21:52

Still have my late China production (Federer played this one, I think) and my St Vincents. And a KPS 88, as a colectable only.
And I play with the 95, it’s a shame this one was never reissued.
Wilson should have a propper boxed beam heavy Pro Staff in their line
The 85 is a sweet racquet, but probably too demandig for todays game, it’s hard to cope with heavy topspin with 85 sq.i.
The feeling is almost adictive, and is great for practice, warmup, or just a fun hit.
Should be strung at low tension, with soft string

Frederik Moldrup June 15, 2022 - 19:58

I purchased 3 sticks right away, played with the reissued one, for many years, went to the v13 ps 97 (340 G), and always felt it like a clumsy, the old ones was getting worn in the frame, so there was no going back, until now .
Duentonthe thin frame, i feel like i have the same hitting surface. Racks are going towards lower RA, and my arm would love to go back from 68 to 62.


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