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Yonex to fine players for racquet smashing

by Jonas Eriksson

It was kind of about time…finally a racquet company has introduced a clause in their contracts that will penalise players for smashing racquets (click here to watch the best racquet smashes of all time). Yonex has decided to fine 12 players for racquet abuse so far at the Australian Open. This is likely a move to protect the brand image and move it away from the frustration connected with racquet abuse. It’s obviously also to save some costs as the work involved in producing, customizing and stringing racquet for tennis professionals is quite expensive.

I’m sure an explosive (in several ways) guy such as Nick Kyrgios is on the end of that fine when he smashes on of his Yonex DR 98 (if you want to find out what Kyrgios plays, click this link).

Yonex has made their statement on racquet smashing and abuse, what do you guys think? Is it cool in a rock star kind of way or just a lame reaction to frustration?

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