Luxilon Eco Spin

by Jonas Eriksson

Eco-friendly strings are here. Luxilon Eco Spin is the Belgian string brand’s third offering in this segment where 90% of the string is made from PET bottles.

We have previously tested Luxilon Eco Power and Eco Rough. These are decent options, but we weren’t super enthused by the performance of Eco Power, and Eco Rough struggled with tension maintenance. Will Luxilon Eco Spin be different in this respect?

What is Luxilon Eco Spin?

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Eco Spin is a durable polyester string designed for ultimate precision and tension maintenance. The pentagon (fancy word for five-sided -JE) string shape offers great spin potential, grabbing the ball on contact and adding a devastating arc to its flight. If you’re looking for additional control to keep your shots in the court and want a sustainable choice, Eco Spin delivers, helping ambitious players take their game to the next level. Not only is this string made of 100% recycled materials, but it is also biodegradable.

  • Polyester String composed of 90% plastic PET bottles and 10% of other plastic packaging materials
  • String is 100% biodegradable (this is different from the previous Luxilon Eco strings)
  • Pentagon shape contains sharper edges, which produces faster snapback and a larger surface to grab the ball and produce excellent spin
  • Composition and shape of the string contributes to more control, durability, and tension maintenance

Eco Spin Review

We have yet to receive a set or two for the test of Eco Spin but we hope to do so in the near future. As with all strings, we are curious how this one will perform. If you have tried this string, please let us know in the comments below.

You can check out Eco Spin at or Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe (EU and 10% off with TNERD10) and Tennis Only (AUS).

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