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Restring Sync

by Jonas Eriksson

We reviewed Restring Zero favourably some time ago and now they are back with a new, round string. Say hello to Restring Sync.

What is Restring Sync?

This is the marketing text for the Restring Sync string:

Our latest release designed for excellent control, outstanding feel, and longer lasting playability. For players looking to maximize connection with their shots and dictate with pin-point precision and accuracy. Still delivering the superior snapback you’ve come to love about our strings, Sync is round and slick – enhancing string movement by reducing friction between the main and cross strings.

You can read more about Restring Sync and purchase the string on their official website. You can also get a 10% discount on your string purchase with the code TENNISNERD10. For other discounts, check our Tennisnerd Deals page.

String characteristics

The string is round and control-focused. We will test the string and create full review, but these are the string characteristics according to Restring:

  • Enhanced pocketing and ball feel.
  • Super-lubricated coating to allow optimal string sliding and snapback.
  • Chemically engineered to retain a longer lasting fresh feeling.

Direct string competitors are Luxilon Alu Power and Head Hawk Power.

If you have tried Restring Sync, let me know it plays in the comments.

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Hazar March 29, 2024 - 20:48

Hi Jonas,
I tried Sync on an Ezone 100 at 51 lbs. I think it’s a little too powerful a racket like Ezone. But maybe a higher tension can help it. While stringing, it reminded me of Polystar Energy from how it stretches. It has some elasticity to it and it’s definitely a soft poly. I will try it as a cross next with a harder poly. Maybe confidential could be ok, but I expect that combo to be locked as soft round poly and hard shaped poly always result in string-bed locking in my experience.

Jeff April 8, 2024 - 22:04

Hazar … currently playing with a poly/poly hybrid and both strings are round … Wasabi X in the crosses and Volkl V Star 18 L in the mains … cross at 44 lbs and mains at 42 lbs in a Ezone 105 … great combo easy on the arm … I stay away from stiff shaped strings


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