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Babolat Xalt Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Babolat Xalt is a new multifilament string focused on comfort and control. Here is our Babolat Xalt Review.

Babolat Xalt Review

Are people still using multifilament strings in this day of so many different polyester strings? Yes, they do. It offers superior comfort and good power. You won’t find the control and spin potential of a polyester string, but for many club-level players, that is an acceptable trade-off to make.

How does Babolat Xalt stand out?

Babolat Xalt has a multifilament matrix structure, which is supposed to absorb vibrations. On the Babolat website, they also describe a “pure” feeling when hitting the ball.

And I can say after testing this string in a hybrid and a full bed, that it has a pleasant sensation while hitting.

The polyamide fibers in Xalt are supposed to increase the control for players who have faster swings. In that sense, it reminds me a bit of my favorite multifilament string, HEAD Velocity MLT.

There is a silicone coating on the string to increase the snapback and that does seem to work. 

How does it play?

It played quite similar to HEAD Velocity MLT in a full bed. It has pretty good control and spin potential for a multifilament string. Still, I do find it difficult to play with a full bed of multifilament if you want to strike the ball with confidence, but if you are a flat hitter that values comfort and power over spin, this one is worth checking out.

However, I strung it up in the mains in the Prestige Pro 2023 alongside MSV Swift in the crosses and that was a great combo. It offered nice feel, some power, but overall more control and spin than in a full bed. So as a hybrid string, I think it’s a good choice.

Price and more

The string comes available in 1.25 and 1.30 gauge. For multifilament strings, I want to get maximum durability, so for this test we used the thicker gauge, which was sent to us from Tennis Warehouse Europe.

The price is quite high for this string compared to the cheaper Veloci ty. A set is €21.90 from Tennis Warehouse Europe and $21.95 on Tennis Warehouse, while a reel costs $298.95 at the moment.


If you are looking for a control-oriented multifilament for your hybrid setup or even a full bed, Babolat Xalt is one of the best options on the market. It plays with surprising levels of spin and control for a multifilament, but we enjoyed it the most in a hybrid setup paired with a round polyester.

Have you tried Babolat Xalt? Please comment below if you have.

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