New MSV Strings! Bussard and Swift

by Jonas Eriksson

Let’s have a closer look at some new MSV Strings! They tend to offer quality products and Buzzard and Swift are not exceptions.

New MSV Strings – Bussard and Swift

MSV is a string brand that needs no further introduction. They have been offering a large selection of tennis products for many years and currently carry about 130 high-performance strings in various materials, profiles, gauges and colors. The entire spectrum of benefits e.g., power, spin, control, comfort and durability, is covered to meet the needs of ATP /WTA players and beginners. I know several pro players that use MSV strings recreational players due to the quality you get for the price point. That is why I was keen to test a few new MSV strings, Bussard and Swift.

I have previously tested several MSV products because I was always attracted to their price point and the positive feedback they got on string forums and among high-level players. You can check out some of my reviews here:

MSV Go Max String Review
MSV Focus Hex Ultra (I have used this one quite a lot as it is dependable and a bit softer than the most popular Focus Hex)

 MSV Bussard

These are the specifications of the MSV Bussard string, according to the MSV website. (Click the link to go there).


Ideal for intermediate to advanced players attacking the ball with full swing and topspin.

•    A crisp monofilament co-poly string with high control and spin potential.
•    Special additives provide very good tension maintenance and durability.
•    Made in Germany

RECOMMENDED TENSION 20-24 kg / 44-53 lbs (reference medium gauge and midsize racquet).

LENGTH 12m/39ft

DIAMETER/GAUGE AVAILABLE 1.20mm/17 and 1.25mm/16L and 1.30mm/16

How does MSV Bussard play?

I strung up the MSV Buzzard in my Wilson Blade 98 pro stock at 23 kg or 51 lbs, and straight away from the first hit, I felt confident in my shots, while the string didn’t feel harsh on my arm. It reminded me of something that lands in between RS Lyon and Luxilon Alu Power. It is perhaps a tad softer than Alu. Unsure if it is the additives or something else. The snapback is good. The string happily jumps back into place after impact.

This is perhaps not a soft poly in the style of the more powerful MSV Hepta Twist or the Swift (which we will get to below), but a dependable option for big strikers who like round strings. I think this is an excellent option in a hybrid setup, for example. The round and coated string won’t cut into the gut or multifilament string, and the additive will make it move easier for spin potential.

Sadly, I only had one test set so I couldn’t try it in a hybrid, but after many years of testing strings and racquets, my gut feeling (no pun intended) is that it would work well as such.

In a full bed, I enjoyed this one. I am a fan of round strings, and this one competes well with the likes of Alu Power, Hawk Power, RS Lyon and Top Spin Cyberflash.

Tension maintenance was slightly better than Alu, and more similar to RS Lyon. Big top spin hitters will break it after a few hours, but they break everything after a few hours! :)

In short, a nice round co-poly string with solid durability and excellent control.

MSV Swift

This is a softer string that I strung up and enjoyed in the Wilson Shift 300. These are the specifications of the MSV Swift string, according to the MSV website. (Click the link to go there).


Ideal for players who look for an arm-friendly, well-balanced co-poly string.


A complex mix of 6 different materials is processed in 3 steps to produce a very soft, monofilament co-poly string with a high level of comfort.

Compared to other co-polyester strings with a similar characteristics profile (such as the Luxilon Alu Power), the MSV SWIFT offers above-average comfort (+10% points), tension stability (+8% points), power (5% points) and control (3% points, all values come from The absolute value for control is 95%.

The round shape of the MSV SWIFT makes it a good choice for hybrid stringing.

The MSV SWIFT was tested by 20 players (members) of the European Stringers Association (ERSA). The result has now been published in the Pro Stringer Magazine (Nov. 2022). A clear recommendation is given for the string. It scores above average in almost all important parameters.

It is recommended for normal and narrow string bed patterns. Pre-stretch is not necessary.

Made in Austria


20-24 kg / 44-53 lbs (ref: medium gauge and midsize racquet).




1.25mm/16L and 1.30mm/16

How does MSV Swift play?

Another round string, this time softer than Bussard. Still, despite putting it in the 99 sq inch Shift, I did not lack control with MSV Swift at 23.5 kg (52 lbs). I thought it would lose tension relatively quickly since it felt soft on impact, but I got eight hours of pretty hard-hitting from it before I started to see signs that it was time to restring.

Despite the thick beam and powerful frame, I felt I could get enough control and spin to get the ball to land in. This quickly became my favorite MSV string to date. I loved the sound when striking the ball with this string. I don’t hit as hard as some of my high-level hitting partners, but with this combination of Shift and Swift, I felt I could do some damage.

I had a few of my friends try this string setup as well, and they loved it. A soft round, yet spin and arm-friendly string, what’s not to like?

Most white strings like Wilson Revolve or even Tecnifibre Ice Code are nice, but seem to drop tension quickly. I was worried about MSV Swift in a relatively open patterned racquet, but it worked well!

I enjoyed both MSV Bussard and Swift, but this was the winner for my game. Very impressed by MSV Swift and hope to try it in other racquets in the future.

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Hubert Krasnodebski March 25, 2023 - 16:03

Could you compare MSV Swift to Head Lynx Touch?

Max March 25, 2023 - 20:45

Hi there, I’m looking for a softer poly for my boom mp because of arm issues. Could you compare the swift to the alpha and hyper g soft please. Im coming from ALU Power Soft. Thanks

Ben May 12, 2024 - 17:05

Bussard seems to be like the Big Hitter Silver


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