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Solinco Hyper-G Round String Review

by TN

Solinco Hyper-G is one of my favorite strings and that’s why I was excited about this Solinco Hyper-G Round String Review.

I am sure many of you reading this have some experience or knowledge of Solinco Hyper-G. It’s a firm, spin-friendly and-powered neon green string that impacted the tour when it was released in around 2011. A string like HEAD Lynx Tour is basically like a tribute to Hyper-G with slight differences and playability and feel.

You can purchase Solinco Hyper-G Round from our friends at Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse Europe (not available at the time of writing) and Tennis Only.

What is Solinco Hyper-G?

Solinco Hyper-G is a pretty firm string and like other stiff co-poly strings, it can lead to some arm discomfort when used at a high tension. That is why Solinco released Solinco Hyper-G Soft a few years back. That string kept some characteristics of regular Hyper-G but played softer, with more power and comfort. The issue with a softer string is that it will lose tension quicker, so durability will be compromised.

This Solinco Hyper-G Round String Review has told me that the Hyper-G Round lands between the soft and the regular Hyper-G. It does not quite have the bite of the regular Hyper-G and gives you more of a flatter trajectory. It suits players who hit through the court more than those who rely heavily on the ball dipping in at the last second. I did miss some of that when testing the string, but I still felt right at home in terms of feel and control compared to regular Hyper-G. And the comfort is better with the round version than the standard one.

Pros and cons

I have tested Hyper-G with a few other players in a number of racquets. The new Dunlop CX frames, the Yonex Ezone, and a Wilson Steam 99 and 100 pro stocks. I liked the sensation on impact, I think you get ample control and spin and the lower stiffness is a plus compared to regular Hyper-G.

The con is what I described before. You don’t get that addictive spin where the ball always seems to land in repeatedly. The spin potential is not bad, I think many players think that round strings don’t give good spin potential, but that is simply not true (just think of the number of pros that use Alu Power), but it is not quite as good as Hyper-G.

I have played it side by side with regular Hyper-G and for my tennis I feel like that string gives me a bit better confidence to swing out. However, it can also be harsher on the arm in certain racquets and tensions. Which is why I think Solinco Hyper-G Round is a great compromise. Because it does hold tension far better than Hyper-G Soft and offers better control. I have really enjoyed Hyper-G Soft in certain racquets, but as I am playing with more powerful racquets today, it can be a bit too lively for my liking.

Another benefit of Solinco Hyper-G Round is that a round string is generally better in hybrid setups as it won’t notch a gut or multifilament string and allows for easier sliding against other poly strings. Shaped strings can lock into other strings and prevent some snapback which is necessary for optimal string performance.


It’s great that we have a round version of Hyper-G. It plays similarly to the original, with a slightly lower trajectory and improved comfort. It will also work better in hybrid setups than regular Hyper-G. The only real downside is that you can’t get that addictive spin potential that you get with regular Hyper-G. But for many players, the pros will outweigh the cons.

I did enjoy this string a lot better in hybrids than I have with regular Hyper-G and Hyper-G Soft.

A great addition to the string market.

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Charlie March 7, 2024 - 20:23

“I did enjoy this string a lot better in hybrids than I have with regular Hyper-G and Hyper-G Soft.”
My question is whether you have tried this Hyper-G round in a hybrid with Hyper-G soft?
So many of my friends had arm problems with stiff polys, that I played with a natural gut/alu power rough hybrid for several years. This past year I have mainly played with a gut/Hyper-G soft hybrid in my Pro Staffs, but recently really like a full bed of Hyper soft in an older, softer Pro Staff 97S frame.
Do you think there would be enough advantage in spin and longevity to experiment with the Hyper-G soft/Hyper-G round hybrid, or is there likely not enough difference to bother?

Boris April 17, 2024 - 04:53

I am playing a hybrid Hyper G 17 mains / Hyper G Round 17 crosses in my Prestige Classic 2.0, and really, really like it. Not sure if it’s more comfortable than a full be of regular Hyper G, but the main advantage is that the trajectory of the ball is more consistent. Sometimes with a full bed of Hyper G, the response can be a bit inconsistent and the ball shoots off at an unexpected angle, but having a round string in the crosses seems to mitigate this. Also, having a slick round cross should help with spin generation, probably also with durability as you wouldn’t have a sharp cross digging into the mains.


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