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Upcoming String Reviews

by TN

I made a vlog about some upcoming string reviews from Toroline and Tecnifibre. I also mention Mayami Tour Hex, a favorite poly of mine.

As you have read from the Toroline string preview, I am testing a couple of strings from this new U.S based brand. So upcoming string reviews will feature Toroline Caviar and Toroline Super Toro and probably their other strings too. I am not sure whether I will compile it into one Toroline string review or several shorter ones. I am enjoying their strings but with the number of poly strings on the market, it is starting to be difficult to tell them apart.

If we look outside polyester strings, I am finishing up my Tecnifibre Triax review.  It is definitely one of my favorite multifilament strings and I really love the thicker gauge (1.38 mm). I haven’t tested the thinner gauges yet, so it is hard for me to compare it to other 1.25 or 1.30 gauge multifilament strings like HEAD Velocity MLT, but I wish other brands would consider creating thicker multis for better durability and control.

I am also getting questions about Triax vs the Tecnifibre HDMX string, but sadly I haven’t been able to test that one. I might purchase a few sets to do a proper comparison.

Toroline Strings

I have tried Toroline Caviar and Toroline Super Toro (green). They are both lively and relatively powerful. You get a lot of bite and action on the ball with these strings, so if you prefer a deader response, they’re not the choice for you. But if you want extra spin and some good pop from your string bed, these should be on your consideration list.

I have yet to try Toroline Absolute, which is supposed to be the softest option they have. This is the description from the Toroline website:

ABSOLUTE, TOROLINE’s most arm friendly offering, is a buttery soft six-sided co-poly designed for players looking for a plush co-poly that can generate ample spin and free power

So it is clear that Toroline prides itself on powerful and lively polys with good spin potential.

Have you tried any good strings lately?

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Andreas September 3, 2020 - 11:28

Nice review! Have you tried the RS New York Multifilament string yet? I have it together with Luxilon Alu Power in my Pro Staff and I must say I am as pleased as I am with my usual Nat gut and Alu Power.

Tennisnerd September 3, 2020 - 12:45

Thanks! I did like the RS NY a lot. Worked great together with Lyon and Paris Octagon!


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