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Toroline Strings Preview

by TN

Today I received a sample box from Toroline strings with a bunch of new polys. I will start reviewing these strings in the near future.

It’s tough to keep up with all these new string brands entering the market. Toroline is a US-based brand with a number of new poly strings such as Caviar and Absolute. Caviar is a six-sided poly string “designed for maximum spin and instant precision. Compared to traditional poly strings, CAVIAR offers a more lively and flexible response.” As I’ve said before, the brighter the color, the livelier the string, and Caviar’s bright yellow is preparing me for that.

You can get 25% off on Toroline strings if you use the code TENNISNERD on their official website.

Toroline strings Absolute is focused on arm-comfort and is a “buttery soft six-sided poly designed for players looking for a plush string that can generate ample spin and free power. ABSOLUTE can be blended with a firmer co-poly for enhanced ball pocketing and power.”

Based on this, I would assume that both of these strings are relatively soft and lively. There was also a green and a blue string in the box. Based on the Toroline Instagram page, the blue string is called Super Toro, while the green string is yet unreleased and unrevealed. Could be a new colorway for Caviar perhaps.

Toroline Strings Sample Box Unboxing

The sample box packaging was pretty cool and I thought (for once), I’d do more of an unboxing video. I’m not a huge fan of those myself, but the Internet seems to like them so here we go.


There are a lot of poly string brands out there, so it will be interesting to see how Toroline can differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. String production costs are pretty low, so the margins must be pretty good for most brands to give it a go. I have recently tested relatively new string brands like Mayami and String Project and it’s always fun to see what they can bring to the already pretty well-stocked table! :)

I will string up Toroline in the near future and hit the court. If you have tried these strings, give us your opinion in the comments below.

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