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Velociti Catalyst – biodegradable tennis string

by TN

I am currently testing Velociti Catalyst, a synthetic biodegradable string that on paper performs like any quality poly out there.

Velociti Catalyst – a biodegradable tennis string

I love seeing smaller companies and start-ups try new things. Velociti Catalyst is one of those initiatives. The inventor and founder, Ryan Burbary, grew up in the tennis industry and saw the waste tennis creates at a young age. This is how they describe it on the Velociti website.

He would cringe at the piles of tennis string headed to the trash whenever a racquet needed to be restrung. However, he also knew that science and innovation could help.

This was the start of the Velociti Catalyst.

What is Velociti Catalyst?

Velociti Catalyst is a 16-gauge polyester string made with a patent-pending, organic technology that allows it to decompose 100x faster than other synthetic strings. Catalyst will not start to decompose until placed in a landfill, where specific microbes found in that environment spark the decomposition process. It will then fully decompose within three to five years. This is just 1% of the time it takes other synthetic strings to decompose.

Sounds good, right? You can’t argue with the initiative and I am keenly testing the string at the moment. The first hit was with the Wilson Clash 100 V2 and the string played very nicely in the racquet at 22 kg or 49 lbs. Why I chose this racquet? Because it is one of those racquets that create a lot of string movement and will really test the durability of the string.

I will keep you posted about how it plays. The first impressions video will be up on my membership page as usual. You can do a 7-day free trial to see if it is worth your time and money.

If you have tried the Velociti Catalyst string, let me know in the comments!

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