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Yonex Rexis Speed and Comfort Strings

by TN

Rexis is the premium multifilament (nylon) string from Yonex. They now release two versions: Yonex Rexis Speed and Comfort.

Yonex Rexis have been used by some Yonex sponsored pro players in hybrid setups. For example, Naomi Osaka. It's a soft, premium style multifilament string, which is great if you're looking for power and comfort in a full bed, or comfort and feel in a hybrid string setup. Yonex Rexis Speed is a firmer nylon string, while Yonex Comfort is softer.

Yonex Rexis Comfort is described as (on the Yonex official website).

?A perfect combination of power, touch, comfort, and ball-pocketing
?For players of all swing speeds looking for additional power and comfort

Yonex Rexis Speed is

?Soft and forgiving; exceptionally responsive and repulsive from a sea + island structure
?For players of all swing speeds looking for a highly-responsive string with superior repulsion

New Yonex Rexis Strings – Review to Come

I have four sets of Yonex Rexis to test for my review. Yonex Rexis Speed in 1.25 and 1.30 and Yonex Rexis Comfort in 1.25 and 1.30. The thicker gauge will give you better control and durability at the cost of some comfort/power, while the thinner gauge will give you better depth and comfort at the cost of some control/durability.

Yonex Rexis strings are made with Fortimo, a polyurethane material that combines flex, repulsion, and durability while maintaining a white color due to its non-yellowing properties.

The Rexis strings are made through FRF Process & Plasma Bonding. 

Upgraded at the molecular level for greater elasticity, the super-solid REXIS string structure is produced by filling the gaps of ordinary multifilament string with the new, more flexible material, FORTIMO™. FORTIMO™ is developed by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.Resin is bonded to nylon filaments by plasma on a molecular level to improve repulsion and durability.

You can purchase regular Rexis strings at Tennis Warehouse. Speed and Comfort versions should be available soon.

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