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The Sweet Spotter – A New Way to Improve Your Game

by Tennisnerd

Awesome new tool to work on your tennis game? I don’t know but sure looks and sounds cool. Here’s the video giving you the details about The Sweet Spotter:

I haven’t yet tested this bat myself, but I’m really keen too. Always nice to see new ways to work on your tennis game, especially if you prefer mid-size rackets like me. There’s something nice about producing your own power and hitting the ball in the middle of the racket and the Sweet Spotter might help you do just that more frequently.

I really appreciate Yann Auzoux’s coaching wisdom so I think this might actually work. Logic tells me it should.

Don’t miss out on “The Story” on the Sweet Spotter page. It has some interesting facts and advice. Just this sentence should get your juices flowing:

If you look at the statistics in tennis, the player with the highest % of first serves, aces, and returns in ALWAYS WINS.

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