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Ways You Can Prepare For Tennis in 2017

by Jonas Eriksson

Professional tennis has already started back up and with the Australian Open in full swing the season has officially begun for the rest of us. As the first Grand Slam event of the season, and one that happens almost immediately upon the onset of the New Year, the Aussie Open truly feels like a starting gun for about 10 months’ worth of glorious tennis. Now that we’re at that point, here’s a fun list of ways to get yourself psyched for the year in tennis.

1. Stock Up On Some New Gear

Whether you’re a fan or a player (or both) nothing beats some new gear to start the season, and there’s no shortage of brand new stuff to enjoy. We already took a look at Nike’s fresh collection for the Australian Open. As usual, this collection consists of some brand new looks in shirts, shorts, and shoes to be showcased by the likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams. It’s a nice place to start if you’re looking for some new tennis clothes or accessories.

2. Take A Few Lessons

Most tennis fans would agree that watching the sport makes you want to get out and play. Depending on where you are in the world and what the weather’s like during the Australian Open, this can be easier said than done, but you can usually find a way to work in your lessons to your schedule and practice indoors if necessary. Play Your Court’s instructor search helps prospective players find coaches that will work with them at their convenience so you can do your training the way you want. That gives you time to watch a few Australian Open matches at night and catch a lesson the next morning, no matter how cold it may be where you live.

3. Start A New Book

Not enough sports fans read. There are a lot of wonderful tennis books out there—most of them biographical accounts of players’ lives—that would make for excellent reads to kick off the New Year in tennis. “Open” by Andre Agassi probably made the biggest splash, but if you’re interested in a good tennis read, “Breaking Back” is a fascinating autobiographical account of former top-five player James Blake’s journey back from illness and personal misfortune. Additionally, “Strokes Of Genius” by L. Jon Wertheim is an amazing look back at the 2008 Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer—arguably the greatest match ever played.

4. Get Into The Aussie Open

Naturally, the best way to celebrate the New Year in tennis is to tune in to the Australian Open and watch the world’s best players go at it. On the women’s side, most of the drama will surround Serena Williams, whose quest for a record 23rd Grand Slam was recently detailed by ESPNW. There will be additional drama as well as we look to see if Angelique Kerber can consolidate her number one ranking, how Garbine Muguruza will follow up a sensational 2016, and whether or not American Madison Keys can break through to a major final. On the men’s side, we’ll be watching Andy Murray try to assert himself as the new world number one with Novak Djokovic aiming to take him down. We’ll also, as always, be on the watch for Roger Federer’s 18th Grand Slam, and we’ll be looking to see if Juan Martin del Potro can build on his impressive comeback from injury late in
2016. It should be a thrilling tournament on both sides.

5. Look Into Tickets

If you’re not already planning on it, it’s too late to make it to the Australian Open. But there’s a whole year of tennis ahead, and it’s easier than ever to find tickets from third party vendors. Seat Geek’s search tool will turn up good (and bad) offers for all kinds of events, meaning that whether you’re looking for entry to a Grand Slam event or a smaller tournament near where you live, you can go ahead and start looking. Nothing quite beats being there to see the speed and intensity of a professional match.

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