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by TN

I admit it – I'm obsessed with tennis racquets. It's gone too far, meaning it has started to hurt my game.

The reason is that I find myself blaming my racquet for everything that goes wrong. If only it had a bigger frame, felt differently, had new strings, had a new grip (easily fixed by bringing new grips to the court). And so I run to my racquet bag and pick up another frame which obviously doesn't help my game since it doesn't make much sense to change your frame in the middle of the match. You need to really “become one” with your racquet to maximize your game.

Currently I'm not one with any racquet. I'm switching between my Wilson K-factor Six.One Tour 90 (classic stiff, but HEAVY), my Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX, and my Head Prestige IG MP

I need to make up my mind. I'm currently looking at a Volkl frame (Volkl Power Bridge PB Mid) that has received great reviews – or even of going back to my old favorite Wilson K-Factor Six.One 95.

At this point, I've decided to try to stick with my Head Prestige IG MP and beef it up with some lead tape and a leather grip to get more weight and depth on my shots. Together with that I'm also trying different string setups at the moment to get better feel.

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