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Djokovic’s COVID-19 Infection Didn’t Change his Title Odds

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The tennis world has been stunned with the recent news of Novak Djokovic's infection with the COVID-19 virus. The No.1 player in the ATP rankings and one of the best ever revealed that he has this vicious infection and that he probably received it while participating at the Adria Tour, the tournament the organized.

Besides Joker, Viktor Troicki, Borna Coric, and Grigor Dimitrov also tested positive for COVID-19. It is suspected that Dimitrov brought the virus among the players, according to some sources from Serbia and Croatia, where this all happened.

Reactions and odds around the world

This immediately caused massive reactions all over the world, with one part of the experts, players, and the fans condemning Djokovic and the other supporting the Serb. According to the player himself, he is feeling ok and isn't experiencing any symptoms of illness, which is why the bookies didn't change odds on his future conquests.

He is still the biggest candidate for winning the US Open, with the odds of 6/4 for that. Far behind the Joker is Rafael Nadal with 4/1, and Roger Federer at 8/1. The young wave is in the next echelon. Last year's finalist Daniil Medvedev is at 11/1, and Stefanos Tsitsipas slightly beneath him, 12/1. Then we have Marin Cilic to win here already 33/1, Stan Wawrinka 50/1, etc. More odds at https://www.freebets.co.uk/

Clay court odds

When looking at the French Open, who is also going to be played, only in a different period than the one planned, Djokovic sits second on the list of favorites. Of course, Nadal leads the way here.

The Bull from Manacor stands at 20/21 to win another title here. Djokovic follows him at 3/1, while Dominic Thiem at 4/1 completes the group of the top contenders. All other players who are included in stories are way behind this trio. Tsitsipas is 14/1, Zverev 20/1, Medvedev 25/1 etc.

But that is not very odd, because Nadal, despite his age, still rules on this surface. He is, without a doubt, the best player on the clay to ever play the game of tennis, and there is no debate about it.

The Spaniard is just too good for anyone else, which is why the bookies don't have any dilemma when setting up the odds for Roland Garros. Some are suggesting that even when he has 40 years, oddsmakers are still going to favor his chances to lift the title before all others'.

Covid Recovery

Now to come back to Djokovic. All the athletes who had issues with COVID-19 recovered very fast, and we hope to see that in this case also. If everything goes well, and according to some prognosis, Novak should be clear to continue with training sessions in some three weeks or so.

Djokovic's fans in Serbia already frightened a lot, not only because he is a national hero and everyone loves him, but because of Serbia's chances to win the Davis Cup at the end of the season. Their national team won the ATP Cup at the start of the year, beating Spain in the finals. Both sides were in the strongest squads.

Right now, the Serbs are positioned second in the list of the favorites, behind Nadal and his Spaniards, who are at 9/4. Serbia is 9/2, Russia is 13/2, and France 7/1. After these national teams comes Australia with 8/1, and Canada 10/1. They have the same chances as Germany and Croatia. The USA and Great Brittain are at 25/1.

Novak at the Olympics

And at last, when analyzing all the prospects for Djokovic, we have to say a few words about the upcoming Olympics, where he should have been the biggest favorite for the gold if it weren't for this virus.

The Games are postponed for the next year, but the bookies still see Novak as the primary favorite. Novak is at 13/5, Nadal at 24/5 and FedEx sits at 5/1. Medvedev is interestingly fourth with 8/1, and then come Zvered 17/1 the same as Dominic Thiem. Tsitsipas is 20/1.

But in the meantime, we wish Novak all the best and the soonest possible recovery.

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