Grigor Dimitrov wins Brisbane

by Jonas Eriksson

It’s his first title in six years since winning the ATP finals in 2017. Grigor Dimitrov wins Brisbane, and it’s emotional.

Dimitrov was understandably brought to tears after winning his first title since 2017. If you watched the final he lost to Djokovic at the Paris Masters last year, you know that hurt. Grigor was sobbing after coming up just short against Djokovic and he probably wondered if he would ever hold another trophy in his career.

But it was as clear then as it is now that the Bulgarian is perhaps playing the tennis of his life. And he starts 2024 even better than he ended 2023. He beat Holger Rune in the Brisbane ATP final 7-6 6-4 for his ninth career title. In our Brisbane ATP predictions, we thought Rafa would be the one playing Rune in the final, but we at least got one finalist right.

In the final, Dimitrov was surprisingly clutch and seemed to lack the nerves that have sometimes plagued him throughout his career. Everyone can see the extent of his talent. Still, tennis is about doing the right things at the right time, and sometimes that element has not worked as well for the Bulgarian as the sheer tennis artistry (the moniker baby Federer is long gone, but the elegant game is still there).

What does this mean for Dimitrov’s 2024?

He is an easy guy to root for, though. Like Andrey Rublev (another title winner this week), he seems like such a likable dude. Always sportsmanlike and fair and always close to a laugh and a smile. That’s the kind of energy you like on a professional tennis court.

Grigor Dimitrov wins Brisbane. What does this mean for his 2024 season? Well, it is early to tell, but he seems to have found something new in his game in recent months. It seems like hiring Andy Murray’s ex-coach, Jamie Delgado, towards the end of 2022 has worked wonders for his game. Sports is not as simple as pointing your finger towards one individual, but it’s clear that it has had a good impact him.

Can Dimitrov compete in Grand Slams in 2024? Yes, why not? I think the Australian Open is his best chance. With this start, he moves to number 13 in the ATP rankings. I’m sure he is hungry to step inside the top 10 again. If he plays like this, he deserves it.

Ps. What is Grigor Dimitrov’s racquet? Ds.

What do you think of Dimitrov’s chances?

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