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Is Del Potro retired?

by Jonas Eriksson

Is Del Potro retired? He’s not, but yesterday he announced that he is to undergo a 4th knee surgery to return to the tour.

“Is Del Potro retired?” is one of the key searches on Google. You can understand why. Some time has passed since we saw the gentle giant from Argentina on a tennis court. Yesterday he announced the following via his Instagram page.

Del Potro’s message to his fans

“Muchas gracias por sus mensajes! ??

Hey there! I wanted to say hello and tell you I’m currently in Chicago. I’ve been consulting Dr. Jorge Chahla and the news is that tomorrow I’ll undergo another surgery on my knee. We’ve tried conservative therapy but the pain is still there. He knows I want to play tennis again and be able to play the Olympics, so we agreed that surgery should be done as soon as possible.

Of course, these last few weeks weren’t easy for me. Everything’s so hard since my father’s passing. But also, I feel the strength he sends me from above. I had this day in which I woke up and called the doctor. I knew I had to try again.

I hope I can overcome this painful situation. I won’t stop trying. Of course, your messages and best wishes are always welcomed. Thanks for the love. Take care. ??”


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We all feel for Del Potro

It’s a message that pulls at the heartstrings. Del Potro has a strong fan base due to his powerful game and sympathetic on-court demeanour, but sadly, tennis fans have not been able to see him play much due to his constant injury problems. First, both of his wrists bothered him and now the knee is on surgery number 4. I can’t think of a player that has had more surgeries to return back to tennis than Juan Martin Del Potro and it’s heart-breaking.

But Del Potro is not retired. He is making another effort to come back to the tour and grace us with Thor’s hammer. Let’s hope the surgery goes well and we can see Del Potro back to fight for Argentina in the Olympics.

What is Del Potro’s Racquet?

What is Del Potro’s racquet? 

And how is it to play with? See the videos below to find out more.

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