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Mixed bag 3 – Federer, Barty, and Thiem Update

by Jonas Eriksson

A new Tennisnerd mixed bag is up. It covers the most recent tennis news, like a Federer, Barty and Thiem update.

There weren’t many positive tennis news stories for this edition (#3) of the Mixed bag. The Federer, Barty and Thiem update were, as you can imagine, related to their injury status.

Not all is bad news there. Federer seemed positive that he will back after Summer, Thiem will be back for clay, and Barty will be back for the Billie Jean King Cup.

Murray is also back…with the PT57A

Murray is back to his PT57A on the training courts of Indian Wells or what some call the “fifth slam”. I have reported earlier that he tried a HEAD Prestige 2021 MP L mold in a PT57A layup. More about that racquet here. But that experiment seem to be over. For the BNP Paribas Open 2022 (Indian Wells), he seems to be back to his old frames. We will see what that effects has on his game and results.

What else should I cover in next edition of the Mixed bag?

I appreciate all of you who send observations or content tips via my differerent channels such as Instagram. That always helps in case I miss an important story.

Sometimes there are loads of pro player updates, but I haven’t spotted anything remarkable from the iconic practice courts of Indian Wells. We will see what happens when the tournament starts later this week. The draw will be held tomorrow, March 8th.

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