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Podcast with Edwin Weindörfer

by Jonas Eriksson

I was fortunate to record this podcast with Edwin Weindörfer, CEO of Emotion Group, responsible for tournaments and players on WTA and ATP Tours.

Edwin Weindörfer has been deeply involved in tennis for most of his life. First as a player,  then as an agent and tournament promoter. He is the founder and CEO of Emotion Group, a company with multiple tournaments on the WTA and ATP Tours, players like Dominic Thiem as well as other sports events and athletes.

He is currently working on setting up the Bett1 Aces, an exhibition tournament that will take place in July with 6 top male players and 6 top women players. The tournament will take place in two locations in Berlin, Germany. The Steffi Graf Arena (grass courts) and the Berlin Tempelhof airport (hard courts). Due to the Coronavirus situation, the event will not have any spectators but will be live-streamed thanks to the latest technology. They are currently working on the rights package to airing the event.

Podcast with Edwin Weindörfer

In the episode, we also talk briefly about Edwin’s highlights during his long career in tennis. What they had to do as a company when the Coronavirus hit and why he thinks tennis needs to change to compete with other sports.

I have covered one of Edwin’s and Emotion Group’s tournaments, the Mercedes cup, here.

I hope you like this podcast. It’s available on Spotify and iTunes.

If you have any ideas of guests and topics you would like to see discussed on coming podcasts, please let me know in the comments below.

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