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What will happen to the tennis season?

by GP

The tennis tours are on a break for at least six weeks due to Corona virus fears. What will happen to the rest of the tennis season?

Many tennis fans were dismayed to hear that the BNP Paribas Open, also known as Indian Wells and the “fifth Grand Slam”, was canceled due to Corona-virus concerns. Then ATP, WTA, and ITF announced a six-week break from all tennis competitions. What will happen to the rest of the season?

We can’t know for sure what the virus means for the upcoming weeks of the season and the tennis tour overall in 2020. For tennis players and fans, this is a pretty big blow, but the health of the public obviously needs to come first. Besides affecting the income and work situation of the players, it also affects betting companies and providers of tennis odds.

Did Roger see this coming?

As most of you know, Federer has had a lighter operation on his knee and decided to pause his season until the grass. This seemed like a logical decision as he wants to prolong his career for as long as possible and make sure to be fit for the Olympic Games later in the Summer. The issue with taking a break from the tour is, obviously, that he will lose a lot of points, but if more events are canceled – the rankings will remain the same. I am still sure Roger prefers that tennis goes on though.

Was putting a break to the season a good idea?

Many players are lost at what to do and think about their situation right now. All they can do, if possible, is to keep practicing and hope for the spread of the virus to slow down. It is easy to understand the players’ frustration, but it is obviously worse to hold events with the risk of the disease spreading rapidly as a cause of it. Safety first, surely.

It will be interesting to follow what happens to the rest of the tennis season. I guess we can just hope that everyone takes the virus seriously and does whatever they can to make sure it doesn’t spread. If we all take the necessary measures, there should be plenty of hope that we can enjoy tennis soon. If not live at the event, at least from the comfort of our own homes.

Stay safe!

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guest March 17, 2020 - 17:25

Roland Garros just got moved to September.

Idea: make a permanent schedule shift.
Give Wimbledon room to move back by changing US Open to warm weather site later.
As a spectator, I’d rather see a January US Open in the role of anti-NFL playoffs.
Next year reset Australia to be a November tournament and help sell merchandise for the holidays.
And Wimbledon goes back to normal next year. RG stays early September.
Do the Cup tourneys (give NY City one) and Asia swing earlier. Asia should be drier in Spring.

Just an idea. I like it though.

Tennisnerd March 18, 2020 - 13:27

I like this idea! I don’t understand why the French Open moves without taking the rest of the calendar into account.


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