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Men’s French Open Semi-finals 2021

by Oddspunter

We’re at the end of the quarter-finals and can look towards the Men’s French Open Semi-finals 2021. Tsitsipas vs Zverev & Nadal vs Djokovic.

The French Open draw split up the field into two sections. Next-Gen vs GOATs. The Next-Gen expression is perhaps getting tired and not that relevant as we’re already looking towards players younger than Tsitsipas, Zverev, and Medvedev, but perhaps they have finally arrived at some kind of transition in the men’s game. This is not the first time I say that though, but Zverev and Tsitsipas have been on a demolition path in this year’s Roland Garros. Both players have looked incredibly sharp, but when it gets to the final and Rafa or Novak is on the other side, it’s likely another story.

But in 2021 I just have a feeling that no matter which GOAT is on the other side of the net, there will still be a new winner at the French Open. Zverev or Tsitsipas? I think both players could pull it off. They have shown their ability to beat the GOAT in the past, but now it’s time to do it on a Grand Slam level. It might be the toughest task in tennis, to defeat Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros. But maybe it’s time? If you feel the same, I’m sure you’re already looking at your online tennis betting options. I’m no betting man myself, but my pick is that Zverev will win the event. This is a gutsy prediction, to say the least, but I’ve never seen him hit the ball this hard with this much conviction.

Tsitsipas on the other hand…

Has been spectacular as well. His quarter-final against Medvedev was tougher than the scoreline looks (straight sets), but he has played confident and determined tennis throughout. It’s likely going to be a long one against Zverev, but they should have lots of energy left in the legs after breezing through most of their matches. Tsitsipas needs to stay aggressive and take the initiative so that Zverev won’t get into his current mode of blasting the ball left and right. It will be a fun one to watch for sure.

But the blockbuster match of the Men’s Semi-Finals of the French Open 2021 is the one between Djokovic and Nadal. These guys have so much history between them and so much history is at stake when they play. Nadal can take the lead in the grand slam race by winning the French Open for the 14th time (he will reach 21). Then he moves three ahead of Novak at 18. OR Djokovic can defeat Rafa and win the title, which moves him within one title of Federer and Rafa. History is at stake!

Roland Garros is Rafa’s tennis home. He loves the court which allows him to play his game at its max potential. The weather looks to be in his favor too, hot and sunny for that big topspin bounce. He hasn’t been pushed in the tournament so far. It means Novak will he have to come at him with everything he’s got. Last year, they played in the finals and Rafa was just spectacular and won in straight sets. It won’t perhaps be as easy this year, but I guess the money needs to be on Nadal in the end.

What are your thoughts?

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Alec Wasa June 10, 2021 - 12:00

Nadal looking strong but I have a feeling this year he is looking beatable. He might win Djocovic but I think if Zverev makes it to the final, he will win against Nadal. I think Zverev has really improved and he plays much more aggressive than previous years. Perhaps he has gained more confidence but he looks physically stronger as well. He really hits the ball with gusto and looks incredibly solid at the moment. Exciting times for tennis fans 🙂


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