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Most Important Stats In Professional Tennis

by Oddspunter

Athleticism, mental skills, and highly trained techniques of leading tennis players battling for the win at big tournaments leave fans awestruck. Here are the most important stats in professional tennis.

However, it’s a sport of percentages and fine margins. For instance, a missed breakpoint or a double fault can make or break the game. Thus, tennis data analysis helps professional players review and optimize their performance for the next matches. Besides, viewers can use the stats to evaluate the match’s potential winner.

So what stats are used in tennis frequently? Let’s check out the five crucial tennis parameters to help predict the game’s result.

First-serve percentage

Tennis is a dynamic and intricate sport that covers many shots. However, a first good tennis serve is the most crucial shot in this sport. This game stat indicates a power player’s skill to win the first point of a rally. It gives a player an advantage to begin the point without the competitor’s influence.

But can this skill also allow a player to perform outstandingly throughout the matchup?

Tennis fans know Milos Raonic, John Isner, Nick Kyrgios, and Reilly are famous for their powerful groundstrokes and serves. They even scored well in the category called “first serve points won.” Besides, all these tennis stars secured a position in the top six rankings.

However, all four serving players didn’t win a single grand slam tournament. Shocking, right? When the rival player can return the serve more effectively, it affects the first serve percentage. Hence, the game of tennis is more than a power serve that you’ll find out with other tennis stats and standings.

Second-serve percentage

Sometimes players would be better off with their second serve. World-renowned Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal mostly win tennis tournaments because they are top rankers in “second serve points won.”

Thus, an excellent second serve also plays an integral role in this sport for club-level and professional players. Earning many of these points leads to service breaks, allowing a server to win the game.

So remember to study double faults tennis stats, such as hitting the ball too hard or into the net. Mishits will help evaluate the second-serve percentage. With this, you can determine one player’s power over another when indulging in online betting without any SSN.

Frequency of aces

The game’s result also depends on the frequency of aces hit by both tennis players. “A” on a score sheet represents an ace in the match.

A tennis ace happens when the rival player can’t hit the served ball as it lands in the service box. As a result, a server receives the point. Hence, a player with more serves gets an edge over the opponent.

Break the serve

When tennis players can’t hit a good first serve, it only sometimes means they will lose the match. The frequency of breaking the competitors’ serve can flip the entire game.

Typically, a player able to hold on to the serves more frequently will have a high break point conversion rate. Hence, earning a percentage of breakpoints is crucial against the rival’s first serve. This playing technique can balance the match session. Moreover, it can act as an outstanding metric for success.

However, the opponent will certainly be the winner of the match if a player fails to do both, i.e., break the serve or play the good serve. So keep an eye on the frequency with which a player breaks the rival’s serves.

A high percentage of service

The top tennis professionals ensure to hold serves with less frequency of breaking. This skill overwhelms the opponent in the game. Losing a match while winning every service game is mostly impossible during men’s tennis.

Thus, a high percentage of service during the game works wonders for power players.

Bottom Line

Performance analysis is significant not only for tennis players and coaches but also for the audience. You will enjoy the sports more once you know the rulebook for how to take tennis stats. Understanding the tennis parameters will help provide insights into the entire match that you would be unable to detect with the naked eye. Ultimately, you can scrutinize and separate the best from the rest during the big tournaments.

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