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Two Tennis Betting Markets Where You Can Find Bigger Prices on Favourites

by GP

Tennis is one of the most popular betting sports out there. When events are taking place, millions of people around the world bet on games, who will win tournaments, and much more.

As a sport where one player goes against another, except in doubles, we often see mismatches and heavy favourites. This either forces people into betting in multiples, and adding games together, or means that the returns on a bet are very small.

However, there are a couple of ways in which you can bet where the odds can be increased, even on favourites. These are betting markets where you back the favourite to win with ease, rather than just backing them to win.

If this is the kind of thing you are interested in, and you wish to incorporate this in your upcoming tennis bets then here is how to do it.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting will increase the odds of any favourite. What this betting market does is create a virtual score advantage of the weakest player, which is done to try and balance out the two players.

For example, at a major tournament like Wimbledon, in the early rounds, we will see low ranked players going up against big stars.

This should be a straightforward victory for the favourite, and the odds will be short because of that. The handicap line gives the outsider an advantage in games, which gives both players a perceived equal chance of winning.

Handicaps are worked out in games. As an example, this may be a handicap of 7.5 games. To win, the favourite has to not only win but also win by eight or more clear games.

A score of 6-2, 6-4, 6-3, would be a win by nine clear games, so as far as the handicap line goes, this would be a winner.

Correct Score Betting

Another way of backing a player to dominate is to bet on the correct score market. You can bet any way you like on this market, but the easiest way to use this is to back new up and coming stars to win comfortably against their lower ranked opponents.

This means concentrating on the 3-0 scoreline on this market. Backing a player to win 3-0 means they do not drop a set, something we see happen in some of the less-competitive games. If you can pick out the right games to target then this can certainly help with your tennis betting.

Generally speaking, you will see bigger odds available on the correct score market, but there is more risk attached compared to handicap betting.

When Should You Use These Betting Markets?

The good news is that thanks to an ever-increasing tennis betting service from the bookmakers, these markets are available for almost every game.

When you want to use them, it is very likely they will be there for you, especially if you are betting on a regular tour event rather than something small and not part of the tour.

Many bookmakers offer a strong service, those listed on the freebets.ltd.uk are a typical example as they all have strong, diverse tennis betting sections as part of their service.

With this, you can use these betting markets exactly when you want. Look out for games where you think a favourite will win easily, and choose the right market for the outcome you believe will happen.

If you can get this right on a regular basis, you should see your betting profit rise due to taking advantage of bigger prices.

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