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SwingVision for pickleball

by Jonas Eriksson

We sometimes write about other sports on Tennisnerd as a family of racquet sport lovers. Now there is SwingVision for pickleball.

With Swingvision for pickleball you can track your shots, scoring and get speed data on your shots using the powerful Swingvision AI tool.

I have been using Swingvision for tennis for a few years, and it’s a great way to keep track of your play. My favorite function is how it cuts out dead time in between rallies, but if you want to get some average shot speed or stats on how many forehands you hit, how many unforced errors you make and much more, Swingvision is great.

You can get a free 45-day trial of Swingvision Pro using our link.

You can check out our Swingvision Review first.

This is what the CEO of Swingvision said about the introduction of pickleball.

SwingVision for pickleball

Tennis is and will continue to be the heartbeat of our business. Since day one, we’ve been side-by-side with tennis players, building SwingVision from the ground up.

Our core motivation remains unchanged — to make the professional sports experience accessible to every athlete. We pride ourselves on empowering players to step outside, stay active, and improve their game.

With pickleball joining our family, we’re thrilled to see SwingVision continue to elevate the playing experience worldwide. 

Swupnil Sahai, SwingVision CEO

Do you use SwingVision for tennis or pickelball? Have you played both sports or are you firmly on one side of them?

If you don’t know what pickelball is, we recommend this Pickleball Guide.

We do have some pickleball paddle reviews if you are not sure about which paddle suits you best.

If you don’t like pickleball, I am impressed you have read this far :)

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