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Can Stefanos Tsitsipas win the French Open?

by TN

The question is becoming more and more interesting: Can Stefanos Tsitsipas win the French Open? He has been fierce on clay in 2021.

Rafa is the obvious favorite for the French Open title 2021, but there are a few key challengers to the title. Novak Djokovic is the clear top contender, but I initially thought Thiem was a logical choice, but he hasn’t been in good shape at all recently, and the loss against Norrie in Lyon in straight sets is alarming for his form. Stefanos Tsitsipas has gone from an outsider to being a top name due to his impressive form. He won the title in Lyon, reached the quarter-finals in Rome (lost to Djokovic),  lost a TOUGH three-setter to Nadal in Barcelona, won the Monte Carlo Masters in April. All this success has led him to the number one spot position in the ATP race ahead of Novak and Rublev. But can Stefanos Tsitsipas win the French Open?

Arguments for and against Tsitsipas winning the French Open

Let’s look at some key reasons why or why not Tsitsipas will win the French Open 2021.

Why he will

It’s finally time for a new grand slam winner (I don’t count Thiem’s Covid US Open here since Nadal and Federer didn’t play and Novak defaulted).

Tsitsipas has done all the work. He has won the Next-Gen finals in 2018, the ATP Finals in 2019, he picked up his first Masters title in Monte Carlo, he leads the race – everything seems to line up perfectly for Grand Slam success.

He is different. Tsitsipas is a bit of an oddball it seems like based on people’s comments, his social media accounts and interviews, but he might be a weirdo in a way you need to be to become the best tennis player in the world. He seems to have an almost obsessive desire to achieve glory on the tennis court and if he can keep on improving…

Why he won’t

Rafael Nadal. Nadal has everyone’s number at Roland Garros and he keeps on calling.

Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is a beast when it matters the most. He always seems to find a solution to the problems he faces on a tennis court.

Can an aggressive-minded player like Tsitsipas really win a clay court grand slam? He plays a style of tennis that seems to suit much better on grass or indoor courts, but still, he gets the wins over and over again on clay. It’s perhaps counter-intuitive, but it seems like the slower court gives him time to set up his attack. But can that style work over best of five on clay?

If you’re a betting man, a bet on Tsitsipas winning Roland Garros can give you around 8 times your money.

Now I’m keen to hear what you think! Can Tsitsipas win the French Open?

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Manos May 25, 2021 - 18:53

If will concentrate and keep his mind in a good place, he has a lot of changes! The previous year’s when he was angered he was playing terrible tennis, this year he is improved menticaly a lot on that.


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