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Where will Tsitsipas go from here?

by TN

Stefanos Tsitsipas won his first Master’s title in Monte Carlo without dropping a set. Where will Tsitsipas go from here?

Stefanos Tsitsipas is one of those players that seems like he’s been on the tour forever, but he’s only 22 years old. He has won the ATP Tour finals, reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam, and is ranked as number five in the world. His game style is aggressive, with an Eastern forehand, one-handed backhand and he likes to attack the net. He backs it up with a large frame, a good serve, and seems as confident on faster courts as on clay. The potential is undeniable, but where will Tsitsipas go from here?

If you wonder what racquet Tsitsipas uses, check out this post/video.

No matter how impressive the next generation of players is, they still haven’t cracked the riddle of how to win a grand slam. The stronghold of the three GOATs on the most coveted titles in tennis is fierce. When one of the three is injured, one of the other two still manages to win the title. Yes, Dominic Thiem has broken through that wall last year at the US Open, but he is not really “next generation” and since the title, he has struggled both physically and mentally.

Where will Tsitsipas go from here?

Tsitsipas is definitely on the list of players knocking on the tour to the Grand Slam cabinet room. He is alongside Medvedev, Zverev, and Rublev, with Medvedev looking like the strongest candidate together with Tsitsipas. Zverev still seems vulnerable and Rublev against the players above him in the rankings but beats pretty much everyone else. But Tsitsipas is actually the most consistent player of them all in 2021 and leads the ATP Race. He has reached the quarter-finals stage or more in each tournament he has entered in 2021!

“Right now, being in the top position of the Race, that’s very important to me and I think I can somehow take advantage of it and see it as a great thing to have behind me,” Tstisipas said. “I’m going to try to use that and add points week by week. I see opportunities,” said Tsitsipas in a press conference ahead of the ATP tournament in Barcelona.

It’s impressive that Tsitsipas plays so well on clay considering his aggressive style of tennis. As soon as he gets some time on the ball, he creates something, and clay courts do give you plenty of time. Does this mean Tsitsipas is a threat for the title at the French Open? Well, we always have to put Nadal ahead of everyone else at Roland Garros and Djokovic is the natural second, but Tsitsipas is on the third tier with Thiem in my opinion. If he gets on a run, he is a threat for the title.

This is what he said about winning Monte Carlo.

“That’s the reason I chose this sport: I always wanted to be close to winning these titles,” Tsitsipas said. “It’s also the reason why I love tennis from a young age. I saw all these amazing players like Nadal, [Roger] Federer and [Novak] Djokovic play in these Masters series events and the Grand Slams and I wanted to be like them. To be in that position is more than humbling.”

How far can Tsitsipas go? Let me hear your thoughts.

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1 comment

J April 21, 2021 - 17:19

Tsitsipas has long been my choice out of the chasing original ‘next gen pack’ of (Thiem, Zverev,) Medvedev, Rublev, Shapovalov and Auger Alliasime.
Tsitsipas seems to be working to better some areas and the ‘upside’ to that is baring fruit now and should continue to do so.

A well known GOAT kicked on about the age Tsitsipas is. RF tweeking kept evolving and kept focussed. Be interesting to see if Tsitsi does the same. Hope so. Big fan.

This time, while the origin Next Gen ‘peers’ are also no doubt of high quality, the new batch of ‘Next Gen’ are coming strong and if anything that may push Tsitsipas on even further.

Sinner, Korda, Alcaraz, Musseti, Rune, and more to. come.

Future big 4 of Tsitsipas, Sinner, Korda, Alcaraz?

Auger Alliasime may have a say, Tsitsipas said AA was the hardest player he ever had to compete against, and now he has Uncle Toni. Who knows. Medvedev seems to have hit a red brick wall with the clay, but he might work it out. Rublev is in fine form but has he reached the peak of his upside? Can Zverev ever sort out the yips? Has Thiem had his moment?

One player has the another AA in his circle.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tsitsipas Vs Korda.


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