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Tsitsipas new coach

by TN

Have you seen Tsitsipas new coach? Laver Cup captain and former pro player Thomas Enqvist is on his team in Rotterdam.

This is likely a test period before anything more permanent is announced, but let’s hope Tsitsipas new coach is there to stay. I think many of us have grown tired of the coaching violations that Tsitispas father, Apostolos, have been causing Stefanos due to his constant talking in between points. It was time for something new!

It will be fun to see how their dynamic and chemistry will play out in Rotterdam. Tsitsipas did win his first match against Davidovich Fokina in three tight sets, so that’s at least a positive start.

Tsitsipas new coach on YouTube Shorts

I made a video about this on my new YouTube #shorts channel. Please watch and subscribe if you want fast-paced and frequent videos about gear and things happening on the ATP and WTA Tours.

In the short I mention that Tsitsipas believes they should allow on-court coaching. He said he the following about the situation:

“i’m pretty sure I’m going to keep receiving coaching violations, even though I will never listen to any single thing he says. But it’s fine, they can do that if they want, if they believe it’s right.” 

“That was also one of the reasons last year I went out publicly on one of my social media platforms and said that I think coaching should be allowed, simply because coaches do it anyways. Most of them get away with it, and they do it pretty smartly, I can tell you.

Not from my dad’s side, but I’ve seen a lot of situations, I’ve seen a lot of circumstances where the coaches would get away with it, and it’s a real thing. “By letting it be a thing, I think there is gping to be less tension and more clearance in every single aspect of it.”

What do you think? Should they allow on-court coaching? One of the pros is that it might make the watching more enjoyable, the main con is that tennis is an individual sport and having coaches suggesting strategies will take one of the key elements away from it: problem-solving.

Ps. Tsitsipas previously changed his string setup, read more about it here Ds.

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Eduardo February 9, 2022 - 09:16

Accepting COACHING, in an individual sport like tennis, will be detrimental.
If tennis is already being harmed, this will be even more so, since each child who is going to play tennis will need to bring someone to tell him what to do. And those who don’t have a dad or a coach to help them won’t even want to play tennis, feeling inferior. It doesn’t make sense that every tennis player at an early age has to go with someone who interprets tennis for him and tells him what he has to do. This prevents the child from developing and learning to play tennis (which is not the same as hitting the ball), resulting in the tennis player becoming a “simple puppet”.
Nowadays, when you play against young players, you see the parents coaching in a sick way, trying to get involved in the game, projecting their sporting frustrations on the minor.

If posh assholes like this Greek lad see this as reasonable, it’s because they may have the money for it, but the effect it will have is to close the door on professional tennis for all those who venture into the FUTURES. Anyone who doesn’t have the money to pay for a coach to travel with them all the time will be out of the professional tennis circuit. In short, it will be an exclusive sport for the rich who can travel paying double accommodation, double maintenance and the salary of the one who manages the puppet.

The true spirit of grassroots tennis is those kids who travel in a group, with hardly any money and no help from anyone to play the ITF, to show that they are really good.

Woz February 9, 2022 - 12:47

The sooner he replaces his father with a real coach, the better off he and his game will be.

Leonardo MacKnight February 10, 2022 - 12:13

No coaching during matches!


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