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Zverev wins the ATP World Tour Finals again

by TN

Alexander Zverev seems to be a man on a mission. He won the ATP World Tour Finals again after defeating both Djokovic and Medvedev.

He is number three in the world, has won 18 titles and a total of 5 this year (two of them Masters titles). He also won an Olympic Gold medal in Tokyo. (He was actually ranked number 3 in the world already in 2017, the youngest top 3 player since Djokovic.)

Zverev is 24 years old, weighs 90 kg and is 1.98 meters tall (6’6′). He is a clear example of the trend in men’s tennis – taller players are taking over. The average height of the top 500 players in the world is 1.85 (6’1′) and that is definitely on the rise with the majority of the top ten players being above 1.90m. Before, “excessive” height seemed to limit the players’ ability to move but in modern tennis tall players with big serves like Medvedev and Zverev, can still move and play defensive tennis exceptionally well.

Zverev is ready for a Grand Slam

Will 2022 be the year that he wins his first Grand Slam? I think many things point this way, but we can’t forget that Medvedev, Djokovic and Tsitsipas will be in the mix for each title. And there are other obstacles like the younger generation with players like Alcaraz and Sinner.

Zverev has reached a grand slam final in 2020 and been more consistent in 2021, but he still hasn’t seemed close to a favourite to win. With Medvedev opening the door to defeating Djokovic in best of five sets at the US Open Final, players like Zverev will likely start to believe that it’s time.

Zverev’s fanbase is likely growing rapidly thanks to his consistent success and Olympics gold, but the abuse allegations against him made by his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova puts a sour taste in people’s mouths.

“The allegations raised against Alexander Zverev are serious and we have a responsibility to address them. We hope our investigation will allow us to establish the facts and determine appropriate follow-up action,” ATP CEO Massimo Calvelli said in a statement issued by the tour. “We understand Zverev welcomes our investigation and acknowledge that he has denied all allegations.”

For many, until these allegations are resolved, it’s difficult to be a fan of Zverev’s tennis and success. But the ongoing investigation has definitely not hampered his ability to play professional tennis. Judging by what he produces on the tennis court, he is ready for the biggest title in the sport.

What racquet does Alexander Zverev use?

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