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An interview with Tennisnerd

by TN

When I studied journalism in Washington, D.C., 20 years ago, I never thought people would like to interview me. But here is an interview with Tennisnerd.

An Interview with Tennisnerd

First of all, thanks to Phil from Tweener Head, who reached out and conducted this interview. It was a nice and enjoyable conversation, and if you want to help Tweener Head to 5k subscribers, make sure to check out their YouTube channel. I have embedded the video of our conversation below and published it on my podcast.

More Tennisnerd!

If you can't get enough of interviews with Tennisnerd, I have been on a few podcasts before, with Fabio from Functional Tennis and Troy and Michelle from Talk Tennis (Tennis Warehouse). I have been on a few other ones before, but I don't really remember where and what from the top of my head, so please excuse me for that.

You can listen to my conversation with Phil / Tweener Head, below on the Tennisnerd podcast and embedded in the Podbean player below.

Talking about the sport we love with other tennis nerds is always fun. We are a community, and I think it is important to work hard to strengthen that community and grow the game. Tennis can do a better job at being inclusive and lowering the threshold to play the game, which is something that both padel and pickleball do excellently. Let's learn from them and use similar methods to make tennis a more viable option for players who perhaps have never held a racquet before.

That is a small tangent. Now I hope you listen to the podcast and subscribe to Tweener Head (and if you're not subscribed to Tennisnerd, please do that too)…

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