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Interview with Ricardo Dahcor

by Jonas Eriksson

In this episode of the Tennisnerd podcast, I talk to Ricardo Dahcor, founder of Dahcor tennis. Ricardo wants to innovate the world of tennis.

Ricardo Dahcor is a serial entrepreneur, who’s now moving into the tennis industry. He’s creating custom rackets, bags, shoes, you name it. He also has his own tennis academy with a lot of tennis courts, smart courts, and so on. And he’s really adamant at changing the tennis industry in his own way. He has big plans, big dreams, and he seems able to execute them one-by-one. If you want to read my review of the Dahcor Tennisnerd racquet that he created for me, click here.

I was really impressed and intrigued to talk to Ricardo, and I enjoyed the chat. He’s an inspiring person, and if you’re into kind of branding and business, you should listen to this one. I hope you like it.

PS. I’m sorry about the sound when I’m talking because I forgot to set up Skype so that it records from my microphone instead of the computer. But luckily Ricardo is the guy doing most of the talking here. So, that’s a bit more interesting to listen to. But I just wanted to put that out there, so you know why my voice sounds like I’m talking in a tunnel.

Podcast highlights

Did you know that Ricardo plays two hours of tennis every day? He fell in love with the sport rather late (he has been playing for six years), so he is trying to catch up. I think many would struggle to incorporate that into their day, but he reasons: why work in tennis when you can’t enjoy tennis every day?

Ricardo has ambitions to build a “Disneyland for tennis fans” in Portugal. It might sound ambitious or even crazy, but if someone can do it, this is the guy.

Dahcor is about to launch more racquet models to choose from. From 93 sq inches up to 115 sq inches, with almost endless design options.

In the podcast, Ricardo talks about his frustration with quality control in the tennis industry and that customers should demand more for what they pay for the products. One of his ideas is to create a racquet bag with a lifetime guarantee.

This and a LOT more, in my full interview with Ricardo Dahcor. If you like it, please tell your friends. And if you have ideas for topics or guests, let me know that as well. Thanks for listening and following Tennisnerd.

Check out the Dahcor website here.

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