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Nikola from Intuitive Tennis is back

by Jonas Eriksson

Nikola from Intuitive Tennis is back on the podcast! We talked for more than three hours this time, but sadly, due to some tech issues with the software, we had to cut a big chunk of the video podcast due to syncing issues.

Nikola from Intuitive Tennis is back on the Tennisnerd podcast

I really enjoy doing the Tennisnerd Podcast where I get to talk to fellow tennis nerds about the topic we all love and also other stuff outside tennis. I did a podcast with Nikola from Intuitive Tennis a while back and we both really enjoyed it. I was happy that he, like Karue, wanted to come back on the pod. We tried a while back, but due to construction workers in his apartment next door, we couldn’t record. We still talked about tennis for an hour, which shows the tennis nerdiness :)

This time we talked for more than three hours, but as explained above, due to some audio/video sync issues from the podcasting software, I left the audio intact but had to cut down on the video version of the podcast, which you can watch on the Tennisnerd YouTube channel at 9 pm CET tonight.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, iTunes or other podcasting platforms. Or check it out in the embedded Podbean player below.

I would also be happy if you subscribe to the podcast or at least the YouTube channel.


00:00 We are tennis nerds
10:00 Tennis is a confidence game
15:54 Playing an ATP pro as an amateur
19:00 Different levels of tennis
35:00 Competing and the mental game of tennis
47:28 The battle against yourself
1:25:00 Over-the-top celebrations
1:56:48 Gear-talk
2:32:30 How to get more out of Nikola’s coaching

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