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Podcast with Nathan Martin from Tennis Fitness

by Jonas Eriksson

This is my second podcast with Nathan Martin from Tennis Fitness.com. This time we talk about how Djokovic keeps winning, what we can learn from the pros and more.

Nathan is the founder of Tennisfitness.com and has worked (together with his wife Giselle) with plenty of top pros like Lleyton Hewitt, Casey Dellaqua, Martina Navratilova, Sam Stosur and more. If you want to listen to the first podcast I did with Nathan Martin from Tennis Fitness, click here.

If you have been suffering from injuries, Nathan has some tricks up his sleeve with online tennis fitness programs like the Injury prevention and Yoga program, which I have been doing religiously the last week. My arm is still not a hundred percent fit and it’s a combination of:

  1. Switching racquets all the time (never good)
  2. Imperfect technique and footwork
  3. Over-playing
  4. Poor preparation

What I’m trying to improve now besides always working on my technique/footwork, is the preparation. Following Nathan’s program has so far done me a whole lot of good and I am feeling looser, more relaxed and ready to go when I get to the court. Yes, it costs me 30 min a day, but that’s nothing in terms of investing in your long-term health. I have been way too sloppy with my work off of the court and I’m finally “smelling the coffee”.

Listen to the Podcast

This time, I decided to upload the Podcast on Podbean and YouTube based on popular request. I hope to increase my upload frequency again after getting my computer back. Any ideas on content you would like to see are, as always, appreciated!

Big thanks to Nathan for being a great guy and full of knowledge that he shares generously with players the world over. I have learned a lot from his programs and I’m proud to be an affiliate of tennisfitness.com, meaning that if you purchase any program through any of my links, a small commission will go to Tennisnerd.

I can only recommend to give them a go. Investing in your health and fitness will help you avoid/reduce injuries and play more tennis. Win-win-win!

Thanks for listening!

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