Podcast with Nathan Martin

by Jonas Eriksson

In my podcast with Nathan Martin from Tennisfitness.com, we talk about tennis fitness and how it is to work with players like Martina Navratilova and Lleyton Hewitt.

Nathan Martin runs Tennisfitness.com (the Martin Method) together with his wife Giselle, also a fitness trainer who has worked with players like Arantxa Sanchez, Martina Navratilova, Sam Stosur, and Casey Dellacqua. They don’t only offer online courses but also has a large training facility in Bondi, Sydney, where they live.

They don’t only work with top players, but also social hitters and school kids. The Martin Method is a complete tennis fitness program that covers everything from stretching, warm-ups to intense routines to improve speed, agility, power, footwork, and much more. I have used their programs myself and was so impressed that I ended up becoming a Tennisfitness affiliate. This means that if you buy a program and use the code TENNISNERD, you get 10% off and a small commission is sent to Tennisnerd. I only endorse products I believe in, and the programs of the Martin Method is certainly one of those.

Podcast with Nathan Martin

In the podcast (which is also available on Spotify and iTunes), we talk about life during the Covid-19 pandemic, where they created the Total Tennis Home Workout. In a situation where people were “locked inside” and couldn’t play tennis or visit the gym, this online fitness program became a huge success.

We also talk about how recreational and competition level players can improve their fitness with some easy tips, what made Lleyton Hewitt excel on the court, and how you should warm up properly to avoid injuries and improve your output on the court. I really enjoyed talking to Nathan and I hope to do a follow-up podcast at some point, where we could also touch on nutrition and other things.

Find out more about Nathan’s and his wife Giselle’s programs here and at their website tennisfitness.com (use the code TENNISNERD for 10% off).

I hope you like the podcast! Any ideas on topics or guests you want me to cover, please comment below.

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