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Racquet talk with Henrik

by Jonas Eriksson

Henrik is a gear reviewer, Davis Cup stringer, and pizza baker. He writes for the Swedish Tennis Magazine and Tennisnerd. This is my racquet talk with Henrik.

Racquet talk with Henrik

Henrik has joined the Tennisnerd podcast before and those episodes are always very popular. In this one, he talks about his new racquet of choice, and his recent test of Artengo racquets (if you want to know more about Artengo, check out Nikki’s vlog from the Artengo HQ here), RS Clothes, Pro Staff X, different types of tennis balls and a lot more.

If you are a proper gear nerd, I think you will enjoy this chat. The podcast is available on YouTube, but also on podcast platforms like Spotify and iTunes. And you can listen to it in the embedded player below.

Do you have any questions for future “Racquet Talk with Henrik” or guest ideas for upcoming podcasts? Would you like to listen to audio reviews of racquets and strings, for example? I will listen to your ideas and suggestions, as always.

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