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Ryan Burbary, founder of Velociti Tennis

by Jonas Eriksson

This week on the Tennisnerd Podcast we had Ryan Burbary, founder of Velociti Tennis and the first biodegradable tennis string, join us.

Ryan Burbary on the Tennisnerd Podcast

You can listen to our podcast with Ryan Burbary in the embedded player below, on YouTube or on your favorite podcasting app.

Ryan Burbary is the founder and owner of Velociti Tennis. Velociti Tennis is a new tennis brand, with one of their products being the first bio-degradable tennis string in the world. It is called Catalyst and after testing the string I had to reach out to Ryan and talk about it. Ryan grew up in tennis stores and strung his first racquet when he was 12. A true tennis nerd!

You can try the Velociti Catalyst here. Use the code TENNISNERD to get a discount.

Time stamps

00:00 Intro
00:40 Growing up inside a tennis store
02:17 How did the Velociti journey start?
09:24 Gauges and colors
14:50 Online vs Pro Shop when it comes to gear
21:48 String packaging
27:07 Sustainable tennis balls
36:51 Does being from Colorado influence you more towards nature and the environment?
42:16 Growing up in a tennis shop
53:54 Racquets are getting better
1:13:33 It’s a mental sport
1:18:52 Choosing the right racquet for your game
1:36:30 The future for Velociti and Ryan

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