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Stringing at the Australian Open – Podcast with Paul Skipp

by TN

Pro stringer Paul Skipp is just back from stringing at the Australian Open 2022. We talk about his experience, pro player setups and more!

This is the second time Paul Skipp joins the Tennisnerd podcast, you can check out our first chat here. I thought it would be interesting to catch up with him after he spent 5 weeks “down under” stringing at the Australian Open, but also for the warm-up events.

I don’t string 500 racquets in a year, so I was fascinated to hear about his experience. We also got into some other topics for you who are into pro player racquets and strings.

What we talk about in the podcast

The lowest and the highest tension of the tournament
String and racquet trends among pros
How it’s like to string Andy Murray’s new racquet
Bestselling racquets in Paul’s shop

And more! I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.

The Tennisnerd podcast is available on Spotify and iTunes and other podcast listening platforms. Just search “Tennisnerd” and you should be able to find it. You can also listen in the player at the official podcast post.

Do you have other ideas for podcast guests or topics you want me to cover? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out Paul’s shop here. Ps. He has a good taste in racquets, he uses the HEAD Prestige MP 2019 🙂 Ds.

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