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The Kanye West of Tennis

by TN

During a podcast, you sometimes say something that sounds like a good headline. That was the case with “the Kanye West of Tennis”.

The Kanye West of Tennis

I hope you check out the Tennisnerd podcast and subscribe if you find it entertaining. You can listen to the episode and other episodes below. Once a week, Dennis Timar joins me to discuss certain topics. Usually centered around the main news in the tennis world. Then we go on some distant tangents, as you do in conversation. Kanye West is one of the top talents for staying in the news (for good and bad!). In the tennis world, this guy is undoubtedly Nick Kyrgios. They might not have other likenesses, but that one rings true.

The theme of this week’s podcast is not Kanye West but rather the money side of tennis. What it takes to take a brand to the next level, sponsorships, the odd off-season exhibition tour, and much more.

Dennis’ budding padel career

Mr. Timar has played tennis since he was four years old but has recently gotten into padel. Most tennis players are not too enthusiastic about this growing sport in Europe since they usually replace tennis courts with padel courts as it is easier to monetize a hyped-up sport where you can squeeze in three padel courts (12 players) in the footprint of a tennis court. From a business point of view, it makes a lot of sense, but the old tennis heart can bleed when you see courts disappear.

You have a similar trend in the U.S., but it seems even stronger. That trend is represented by pickleball (click to find some TN content about this sport).

Most people reading or creating content for TN are hardcore tennis nerds. However, I think it’s better if we try to co-exist and help people move in between the sports depending on their needs. I think it’s better to work together than to verbally excrement on other sports. At least in theory.

So Dennis has written a post about his adventures in padel (he is not leaving tennis). That should be up tomorrow.

Have you tried pickleball or padel? Are you interested in these sports or not at all? Keen to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Ps. Sorry for the confusion with Taylor Fritz on the cover. He is not the Kanye West of tennis, but he did win the Diryah Cup Ds.

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